Add Angel Garza To The List; Superstar’s WWE Contract Expiring

This is coming up a lot, but we can add Angel Garza to the list, as this Superstar's contract is expiring soon.

Angel Garza Contract Expiring
Credit: WWE

This is coming up a lot, but we can add Angel Garza to the list, as this Superstar’s contract is expiring soon.

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This is an area of news I feel like we’ve covered a couple times a week for the better part of the first five plus months of 2024 (yes, I know June is the sixth month, but we are just into it, hence five plus). Becky Lynch just had her contract expire, seemingly wanting a break before making a decision. Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins both landed new deals, but they probably got a little too close to free agency. We recently learned that Chad Gable’s contract was also expiring soon (like, imminently).

Why so many?

Angel Garza Contract Expiring
Credit: WWE

The “why” is mostly known. When WWE was purchased in 2023 and became part of the new TKO entity, some dealings were on pause. Certain pressing and time sensitive items trumped the consolidation following the acquisition, but most did not. Now that the hiring freeze has been lifted, we’ve seen new faces come in. And we’ve also seen new contracts handed out to veteran Superstars. But some are still nearing free agency, and we can add Angel Garza to the list. Per Fightful, Angel Garza’s WWE contract is set to expire on August 1st of 2024.

Since coming into WWE, he’s done pretty much anything asked of him. He’s a player in Legado del Fantasma at the moment. On one hand, I’d make an easy case to keep him. As one half of Los Lotharios, he helps make that tag team entertaining. However, they are not in the tag title picture-not even close. Which makes me wonder if WWE is interested in re-signing the talent. His removal from Legado would be noticed, but taking him out is probably not the end of the world either.

Either way, it will be interesting to see what WWE opts to do with yet another Superstar’s contract expiring soon.

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