WWE And TNA Crossover Reportedly To Continue After Jordynne Grace NXT Appearance: 5 TNA Stars We Want To See On WWE TV Soon

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TNA Wrestling and WWE prospect promotion NXT stunned the wrestling world on Tuesday night when reigning Knockouts champion Jordynne Grace made a surprise appearance on the weekly show. And a new report claims that could be the start of many more crossovers to come between the two companies.

The Royal Rumble has always been a favorite of fans not just for the 30-man over-the-top-rope battle royal, but for the surprises the event often has. A few years back, WWE fans were surprised when women’s division great Mickie James made her surprise return to the company with the TNA Knockouts title in tow. That shocking moment was created again in January.

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Jordynne Grace has been one of the best female wrestlers in the world outside WWE for quite some time and she made her unexpected debut with the company earlier this year at the ‘Rumble in what many thought might be a one-off moment. Well, that changed on Tuesday night when she shockingly appeared at this week’s edition of NXT and challenged Roxanne Perez for her title at NXT Battleground.

Just like Grace’s appearance at the Royal Rumble wasn’t her last crossover to WWE, PW Insider reporter Mike Johnson claimed on Wednesday that “The word backstage at tonight’s WWE NXT taping was that Jordynne Grace appearing on WWE NXT Battleground will not be the only WWE-TNA collaboration in the days ahead.”

NXT talent is expected to show up in TNA in the weeks ahead, but what if we eventually got crossovers to the WWE main roster as well? With that in mind let’s look at five TNA stars we would love to see show up in WWE or NXT soon.

5 TNA stars we’d like to see crossover to NXT and WWE


Moose is one of TNA’s brightest stars and a talent WWE reportedly has had interest in signing recently. The goal for both companies in this relationship is to expose new fans to their rosters. Moose is the sort of special talent who can draw eyes back to the company’s product, just like Grace did at the 2024 Royal Rumble.

If Moose doesn’t make an appearance on NXT or regular WWE television eventually it would be a missed opportunity.

Dirty Dango

TNA Wrestling has quite a few former WWE stars on the current roster, one of them being the man once known as Fandango. Seeing him return to WWE television but as Dirty Dango would be a fun way to use his previous history with the company to help elevate his current run in TNA. Playing the role of the cast-out wrestler returning to fly the banner of another promotion in a crossover appearance or match would be great.

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy crossing over from TNA to WWE is a must. He could join his former employer eventually after he finishes off his short run with TNA, but hyping it in advance as Broken Matt would be a highly entertaining way to make the most out of this unique working relationship between the two companies. Furthermore, for WWE fans who don’t follow TNA, Hardy popping up on their screens could definitely make some long-time fans search out TNA to follow his current stint with the promotion.

Jonathan Gresham

Jonathan Gresham is one of the most talented performers on the TNA roster, and if the company is looking for a skilled veteran to showcase the type of product they have on an NXT episode, Gresham would be a strong choice. The ROH veteran landed on more fans’ radar in recent years due to his short relationship with AEW. Like Grace, he is one of the better talents in the world that hasn’t competed in WWE and this would seem like the perfect time for that overdue moment to happen.

Sami Callihan

Sami Callihan is one of the few wrestlers on the TNA roster who could be considered a legend but hasn’t competed in WWE. He has a look and style that never fit the company, but these are different times, and dropping him into NXT or on the main roster in the short term to cause chaos would certainly be interesting. Plus, it would be the huge spotlight moment that Callihan has earned during a wild and memorable career.

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