Former WWE Tag Champ Chad Gable Reportedly Could Hit Free Agency Very Soon, Jump To MMA Possible

chad gable
Credit: WWE

A new report claims that former WWE tag team champion Chad Gable could surprisingly hit free agency in the coming weeks.

Chad Gable has been one of the most underrated members of the WWE roster for years. He is one of the most credentialed athletes on the roster, and the former Olympic wrestler has had a solid career in the top company in professional wrestling.

However, over the last couple of years, the leader of the Alpha Academy has become a consistent face on episodes of Raw and has been given some high-profile opportunities. In recent weeks, he has transitioned to being a heel and has delivered entertaining moments, along with still being a gifted performer inside the ring.

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He is at a career-high point, and it seems it has come just in time for a potential jump into free agency. On Thursday, Fightful claimed that Gable’s contract is set to expire late next week and that a new contract has yet to be finalized.

chad gable
Credit: WWE

Along with that, the outlet is reporting that Chad Gable is “expected to get interest from across the industry … We’ve already heard there will be a strong push from talent in various outside companies to vouch for him to be signed. When we asked about the possibilities outside WWE.”

Fightful also claims that there are several MMA organizations — likely not the UFC but possibly PFL — that are allegedly interested in bringing the Olympic wrestler to cage fighting if he does not re-sign with WWE.

Surprisingly, the company has continued to give him a featured role on television, including this week, but it would seem to indicate that WWE feels quite confident he will sign a new deal before it expires next week. It is unclear if there is a non-compete clause in Gable’s current deal.

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