WWE SmackDown Results: The Quest For King And Queen Of The Ring Continues (5/10/24)

It's time for this week's WWE SmackDown results, in a nutshell, as the quest for King and Queen of the Ring continues!

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It’s time for this week’s WWE SmackDown results, in a nutshell, as the quest for King and Queen of the Ring continues!

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Lots of qualifying to get into, so let’s get into it!

Quick Results:

Nia Jax runs through Naomi to advance to the next round of the Queen of the Ring tournament.

Carmelo Hayes stole one from Baron Corbin, allowing him to advance.

Jade Cargill took out Piper Niven to work her way into the quarters.

Bianca Belair gets past Candace. Could we see tag team title holders meet in the SmackDown semifinal?

Tama Tonga defeats Angelo Dawkins, with some help from the Bloodline.

Randy Orton defeats AJ Styles to move on.

Star of the Night

I guess Solo Sikoa, but at times I wasn’t feeling it. Heyman did more to sell things, proving once again why he landed himself in the Hall of Fame.

Spot of the Night:

I have to go with Jaded on Piper. Given the size difference, we just don’t expect someone to be able to pull it off. Yes, I know the logistics going into it, and it takes two. But it got pulled off, and it was a nice way to showcase Jade’s power game.

Jobber of the Night:

Piper Niven. Poor Piper did the job just a few days after her birthday, losing to Jade Cargill. Did a lot of work to make Cargill look good too, as she even took Jaded.

Upset of the Night:


Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Solo speaks. He confirms the direction we kind of figured we were moving in, with him saying he spoke to Roman where Heyman has not. That Reigns told him he’s in charge until whenever Reigns returns to SmackDown.

Quest For King And Queen

Now, the hug of Heyman? That gave me a feeling like it was the same he did to Jimmy. Like, someone is taking out Heyman soon. I may probably be wrong, but that was the vibe I got. What could make Reigns get super over as a face when he returns? Not only does Sikoa take out the Wise Man, but it comes out that Solo wasn’t ever talking to Reigns. I’d believe it.

Botch of the night:

Maybe there was one, but I did not notice.

LOL Moment of the night:

I know this is not supposed to make me laugh, but Solo Sikoa with those fingerless gloves that he can’t even velcro closed? That flap flopping around and a suit that doesn’t quite fit like it was a fine tailored suit? Makes me take him less serious and yes, I laugh. Almost like they are trying too hard to make him now look like the big bad boss. It may grow on me, but for tonight, I laugh.

Noteworthy Moment:

We now know who Cody Rhodes is taking on at the King and Queen of the Ring. Nick Aldis announced that United States Champion Logan Paul will challenge the American Nightmare.


I have some thoughts. One, I don’t like champion versus champion. Two, this feels a touch lazy. There were some reports that WWE was lacking direction for Cody until the return of Roman Reigns or The Rock. This lends credence to that, in my humble opinion.

But, as cocky as Paul is and has been, he’s mostly backed it up. Sure, he wrestles about as much as the Tribal Chief, but he does deliver. My most curious observation? Rhodes pointed out that if and when he wins, he’d claim the US Title and in doing so become a Grand Slam Champion.

My thoughts?I somehow doubt WWE makes it “winner take all. But if they did? It almost assures us of a dirty finish so that neither man drops their belts.

Overall lowlights:

A lot of wrestling on SmackDown, but I would have liked perhaps a match or two unrelated to the PLE tournament? And color me not a fan of Logan Paul just being handed another shot at the big belt. Is he a star? Sure. Are there other people that deserve it more? 100 percent, absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt.

Plus, unless Cody misspoke, making it title versus title with both belts on the line is a bad idea. Because either you have yet another Superstar with two belts (yawn). Or, you are ensuring a dirty finish. Either Logan gets busted with the knuckles, or the Wyatt 6 appear and wreak havoc, or something else.

Overall highlights:

I liked the qualifying matches. But I miss the OG format where the king had to win like, 3 matches on the same night. King Austin or King Bret-any of those original ones? More worthy than say, King Xavier who only won one match the night of the coronation.

After the final bell:

Nothing spectacular tonight on SmackDown. After all the draft movement, and the new arrivals, we were due for a rather color-by-numbers show. They can’t all leave you speechless, right?

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