WWE Raw Results: Bananas On Memorial Day (5/27/24)

It's time to get into our WWE RAW results for May 27th, 2024-and with the show in Savannah, it should be Bananas on Memorial Day.

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It’s time to get into our WWE RAW results for May 27th, 2024-and with the show in Savannah, it should be Bananas on Memorial Day.

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Now, if you don’t follow a lot more sports outside of WWE? I am saying Bananas because, well, the Savannah Bananas are hard to ignore in the world of minor league baseball. Outside of that, it should be a fun one. Talent are back after being in Jeddah on Saturday, and we have a King and Queen rematch-Becky and Liv for the title-to look forward to!

Quick Results

  • Braun Strowman defeats JD McDonagh. Lots was happening before and after this one, ending with Strowman limping after Judgement Day and Carlito.
  • Ricochet versus Ilja Dragunov ended in a no contest as Bron Breakker attacked both Superstars.
  • Authors of Pain squash the Creed Brothers. Remember when the brothers were in the tag title consideration? Or when they were supposed to turn heel and join Gable? Long time ago.
  • Lyra Valkyria takes care of Kairi Sane. Nice rebound win for Lyra after a tough loss in Jeddah
  • Rey Mysterio defeats Carlito. Post-match, Priest and Judgement Day (mostly Priest) take out the LWO.
  • Big Bronson Reed defeats Otis in a battle of the big men. Post-match, Sami tried again to free Otis, but Chad Gable got the better of him.
  • Liv Morgan retains her title over Becky Lynch, in part due to the involvement of Braun Strowman and Judgement Day

Best Match of the night:


Going with 1A and 1B here. Had Ilja and Ricochet given us a clear and decisive finish, I think this would have been my choice. Or, had we gotten a clean cage match win for either Becky or Liv? Perhaps that too. Both matches, however, had the extra added fun of outside interference.

Worst match of the night:

Authors of Pain and the Creeds. Don’t know if someone made someone mad, or some time had to be cut, but Brutus and Julius are capable of more. And I am going to throw you for a confusing loop here with the main event as an honorable mention. Only because it was a lot of moving pieces, and honestly, there’s so much going on, we need some additional clarity sooner than not. Everyone in Judgement Day except Priest has something to do with Liv. And it’s odd that any of them care who holds the gold while Mami is out, is it not?


Star of the Night

Now, this one is tough. Liv retaining gets her a nod. Becky being Becky does too. Bron was great, so was Braun. Loads of good performances, but not sure if any of them were like, next level.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:


Bron Breakker is just on an absolute tear. Pearce told us all, while speaking to a cleared Ricochet, that Breakker wasn’t here tonight. The recent RAW draftee was said to have been suspended. So, Ricochet picked a fight with Ilja Dragunov instead. And as the match neared it’s conclusion, Bron came out of nowhere to destroy both Superstars. He also nearly took out Pearce, or was at least thinking about it.

There was also this, which happened just as RAW’s live TV feed dropped.

LOL Moment of the night:

Miz and R-Truth running the ice cream stand. Truth had Miz dress up all white, to be vanilla. Then we had Truth ask Miz what flavor he thought he was. Loaded comment, with Truth claiming strawberry as the correct answer.


Noteworthy Moment:

If it wasn’t makeup, did you catch the bruises all over Lyra Valkyria’s legs? Forget about the taped up ribs. Damn.

Overall lowlights:

It made me mention it in worst of the night, but the men getting involved in the women’s title cage match. Maybe not quite to the level of Ellsworth and Carmella with the briefcase, but, borderline overbooked. That said, I fully admit that, when all is revealed, it will probably make a ton more sense, but we aren’t there just yet.


Overall highlights:

I liked how they featured Strowman, but I love what they are doing with Bron. Will they introduce a manager to keep him in line, or will he just run roughshod over everyone until he holds gold? We get that he’s a force of nature, but he needs to put down a serious Superstar soon.

After the final bell:

Pretty good RAW, considering. Smart of WWE to involve the Bananas. Kudos to those talents who had the joy of a long trip back from Jeddah and then to work in Savannah on Memorial Day.

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