Will Dijak Re-Sign WWE Contract As Expiration Date Looms?

This is happening a lot lately, but another Superstar contract is expiring soon-will Dijak re-sign with WWE?

Dijak Re-Sign WWE
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This is happening a lot lately, but another Superstar contract is expiring soon-will Dijak re-sign with WWE?

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There has been a flurry of contractual activity across both WWE and AEW so far in 2024. We entered this year expecting things to be crazy, and we have not been disappointed. AEW hit it’s five year anniversary, and a number of “originals” had deals lining up with that anniversary. On the WWE side, we knew we had quite a few bigger names pending. Some of the delay was due to the merger late in 2023 slowing things down. Some names we knew to be on expiring deals included Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch and Drew McIntyre.

Rollins recently got his deal done, as did Drew McIntyre. Becky’s deal is set to expire soon, and that is worth watching. Even Cody Rhodes wound up inking a new deal, which he has clearly earned. Along the way, however, some mid-tier contracts remain unsettled. One of those is a Superstar who got himself drafted to the RAW brand recently: Dijak.

What’s going on?

superstar dijak re-sign wwe
Credit: wwe

Word had bubbled up around the draft that he was on an expiring deal, but there was optimism for a new deal. Since being drafted, he has not debuted on the main RAW program. According to Fightful, Dijak’s deal expires within the month, but he was slated to appear on Main Event, which is progress.

What we don’t know is whether or not contract negotiations have played a part in a delay to getting him back involved. I have to think that WWE wouldn’t have featured him as part of the 2024 Draft if they weren’t confident in getting a deal done. Then again, it’s also possible that they were confident at that point, but things have changed. I loved Dijak’s work prior to the Retribution debacle. If you don’t believe me, go check out some of his brawls with Keith Lee when both called NXT home. The man can go, and he could definitely find a role on RAW, should things work out. With luck, Dijak will re-sign with WWE

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