Speculation On Stephanie McMahon’s Return To WWE After Recent Appearances

stephanie mcmahons return to wwe
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As you’d expect, there has been speculation on Stephanie McMahon’s return to WWE after her recent appearances.

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Her music at WrestleMania 40 was a pleasant surprise, as well as a bit of a shock to many. Stephanie McMahon is WWE, as she grew up with the company. She rose to a significant executive position, and while her name surely didn’t hurt, by all accounts she was an accomplished and capable leader. So much so that, when her father was initially forced out, Stephanie was at one point interim top executive. Of course, things didn’t last and she didn’t either. Her resignation marked the end of a crazy time for her and Triple H. Hunter went from a life threatening issue to CCO of WWE, while she went from a c-level position to out entirely.

Some speculate her final WWE exit had a lot to do with her father pushing his way back in, but that remains to be seen. Given what Vince is dealing with, maybe we could say he has a history of that.

stephanie mcmahon's return to wwe
Credit: wwe

What’s next?

Regardless, we saw the Billion Dollar Princess in Philadelphia with a big cameo. She topped that by being on air for the recently completed WWE Draft. We’ve seen it asked, and naturally fans are speculating about a WWE return for Stephanie McMahon, either behind the scenes or more on-air, as she’s done in the past. For now, according to Fightful, there are no plans and no direction to bring her back full time. Now, she could easily be in the office doing her magic away from the camera. And it’s possible WWE will have plans for her. After all, her being in the ring at WrestleMania 40 was a well-guarded secret.

We knew fans and talent were not happen when Stephanie left WWE. And we also hear that talent were happy that she returned to the company in any capacity. Whether that is a full time thing any time soon, we just have to wait and see.

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