SmackDown Results: Setting Up For Clash At The Castle (5/31/24)

Here are your wonderful SmackDown results for May 31, 2024, as the Superstars return from Jeddah to start setting up for Clash at the Castle.

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It’s time to give you those wonderful SmackDown results for May 31, 2024, as the Superstars return from Jeddah to start setting up for Clash at the Castle.

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Quick Results:

Tommaso Ciampa takes care of Austin Theory

Andrade gets a win over the formerly missing in action Apollo Crews. During the match, Legado was doing their best to recruit El Idolo.

Guerillas Of Destiny (if ever WWE can call them that) defeat the Street Profits in tag team action.

Chelsea Green and Piper Niven defeat Bayley and Naomi when Green pins the Role Model. Yes, seriously.

Best Match of the night:

I think I am going to go with the Bloodline versus Street Profits match. It sets up what we know to expect out of next week, which is a ceremony allowing Solo Sikoa to annoint Tonga Loa into the Bloodline. Which, from where I sit, feels like we will get some twist or turn or new addition, but we shall see.

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Worst match of the night:

Nothing to complain about.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

We want Roman. It’s a regular chant now. Whenever the Tribal Chief returns, it’s just a matter of time before he’s turned face (and he may have already been).

Star of the Night

I am going to be a bit different and give three out, but not for matches.

Kevin Owens and Paul Heyman were great. Especially Heyman. Zero surprise, as the Wise Man has been gold for ages.

AJ Styles gets another nod too.

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Spot of the Night:

Heyman hit Owens with the mic. Totally in the midst of his tantrum, but still.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night

We have a sighting of Apollo Crews. Yes, for real. Not even kidding, we can take him off of those milk cartons.

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I may have killed off the upset section, but Bayley got pinned by Chelsea Green. Granted it was in tag action, but still. I feel as though such losses are never a good sign for those champs.

Commentary of the night:

I love that we no longer have a supremely filtered announce team. Having Graves mention crossing paths with AJ Styles when he was in NWA Wildside was something we would have never gotten a few years back.

LOL Moment of the night:

Nothing tonight.

Noteworthy Moment:

We got it. Another Mark Henry retirement swerve. Though, since we had that, I am sure a lot of fans expected the swerve. I sure did. While Styles has been rumored to legitimately be considering retiring, that time is not here yet. Styles came out, got us all convinced he was going home to be a dad. Good stuff. Called Cody out to thank him, Rhodes gave him the sendoff, and as expected, Styles destroyed the champ.

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All because Nick Aldis told Styles last week that if he wanted another title shot, he’d have to go to the back of the line. Want to bet attacking the champ makes the champ have him at the front of the line?

Overall lowlights:

If I have to pick one thing to gripe about, it would be that it felt light on the wrestling? But then, we did get four matches out of two hours, which isn’t terribly off. Maybe one more match? But having Nia set up Bayley, then KO and Heyman talk, and our closing AJ Styles/Cody Rhodes fun? It balances out.

Overall highlights:

Credit: wwe

Not that Nia needed to be more monstrous, but the crown does help. The Bloodline saga feels like it’s about to get very interesting again, and fans desperately want Roman Reigns back-go figure. And, we might finally have a hot AJ Styles once again, with Gallows and Anderson in tow. Could this be the program that revitalizes the trio? Let’s hope. Styles is someone I would not mind wearing gold again.

After the final bell:

For those wanting AJ and Cody to run it back, I have a feeling they are about to get their wish. And it’s a good wish, because their match at Backlash was phenomenal. All in all, a strong show

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