Ryan Garcia Clears Massive Hurdle Towards Vindication After Positive Drug Test

Credit: Ryan Hafey/ Premier Boxing Champions

Ryan Garcia is one step closer to clearing his name.

Last week, drug test results linked to the former WBC interim lightweight champion’s majority decision win over Devin Haney were flagged for banned substances. Last week, veteran boxing reporter Dan Rafeal reported that VADA tests the day before and day of the April 20 bout contained ostarine, a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) commonly used for its similarity to anabolic steroids. 

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The report also mentioned the unconfirmed presence of nandrolone metabolite 19-norandrosterone.

Further testing, by way of an Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS,) test did not detect the metabolite, absolving Garcia on at least one of the pair of doping allegations. Tests of the B-sample for ostarine are expected to be done later in the month.

Ryan Garcia Comes Clean on Dope, Not Doping

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Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

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Ryan Garcia has adamantly denied any wrongdoing and dismissed any notions of intentional doping but admitted to being “high as f*ck” at the time of the fight. 

“If I were on steroids, I would’ve been in way better shape,” Garcia said on the “Fully Tilted” podcast. “I was literally drinking every day, smoking weed. I didn’t stop not even until the f*cking day of the fight. And I got in there high as f*ck and I beat his ass,” he continued.

The 25-year-old took to X to celebrate the news declaring that there was “no substance other than this imaginary ostrich substance.” It is important to note that no level of ostarine is permissible in VADA testing.

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Haney, who responded to initial reports by accusing Ryan Garcia of disrespecting and cheating “both the fans, and the sport of boxing by fighting dirty,” was not willing to back down from his stance. 

“Levels high enough to test positive.. obviously it would have an effect.. u dirty b*tch,” the WBC super lightweight champ quote tweeted Garcia’s immediate reaction.

Ryan Garcia’s victory was not only a massive betting upset, but also marked the first loss of Haney’s professional career. However, he retained his title due to “King Ry” weighing in three pounds of the contracted limit. 

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