Concussion Expert Warns That Mike Tyson Is Facing Serious Health Risks In July Jake Paul Fight

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A top official at a leading non-profit that studies the ramifications of concussions believes Mike Tyson is putting his long-term health at risk in his fight against Jake Paul this summer.

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul stunned the boxing world in March when they revealed plans for a matchup that will take place inside the home of the Dallas Cowboys and air live on Netflix. While “Iron Mike” competing again wasn’t necessarily a surprise it was his choice of opponent that caught many off guard.

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In his highly-anticipated return to the ring in 2020, he faced off with another well-aged legend, Roy Jones Jr. The bout was viewed as a fun matchup of a couple of legendary greybeards looking to relive their glory days. However, now Tyson will face a fighter 30 years younger.

Sure, Paul is not an elite talent, but he still has skills, speed, and legitimate power in his punches after scoring six knockouts in his nine victories. That is part of why Nathan Howarth — the Director of Development and Operations at the Concussion Legacy Foundation UK — believes the boxing icon could be in legitimate danger on fight night.

“Anybody of all ages has to be clear about the potential risks of getting hit in the head and they’re only going to increase in terms of age and impact as you get older,” Howarth said to Betway about the 57-year-old boxer. “We know that particularly as you get older, the brain’s ability to recover seems to decrease.

“There is more research that would be needed to be done on the actual quantifiable risks but again, for somebody who is older, there are potential consequences for brain health, and particularly again it’s also the time he’s already being exposed that could then compound particular risks.”

Previous brain injuries Mike Tyson has had could make the damage he takes against Jake Paul even worse

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For Howarth, it’s not just Mike Tyson’s age that is an issue but the previous brain damage he might have received in fights and training during a 20-year career. That combined with a slower recovery time at his advanced age could be very dangerous if the heavyweight takes some major shots from Paul in July.

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“Concussions as a brain injury are unique to any individual and unique to any event. It would be unclear to say that it would last longer because of his age but you could say it is potentially more likely or could be worse because of his age,” says Howarth. “Then again, he may experience a concussion and be completely fine but not necessarily know the impacts of the subclinical impacts of the damage it may have done.

“People who participate in boxing need to be aware of the potential risks and for somebody who is almost 60, you can’t imagine it will have a positive effect on his brain and health either way whether a concussion lasts or resolves in the standard window of 21 days to completely return to sport,” he added. “Even then, there might be some consequences for them.”

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