VIDEO: Footage From WWE Star Liv Morgan’s 2023 Arrest Leaked, And It Doesn’t Make the Former Champion Look Good

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The footage of Liv Morgan’s 2023 arrest for marijuana possession has leaked online and it does not put the former WWE champion in a good light.

Former WWE women’s world and tag team champion Liv Morgan made headlines last year when she was pulled over and arrested due to marijuana possession. It was a surprising revelation for a performer who has been a model employee for the company since debuting on the main roster in 2017.

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Following the incident, the report from the arresting officer was released and it revealed that the WWE star was driving erratically, crossing over lines in the roadway, and after being stopped the officer smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Now, a new layer has been added to the story after body camera footage of the now infamous arrest made its way online Thursday.

Liv Morgan blames random vape for marijuana smell in her car during traffic stop

In the video, which can be seen above, the officer asks Morgan about the marijuana smell permeating from her vehicle. Unfortunately, her best response is that she has the substance but wasn’t smoking it. When asked if she had a medical marijuana card she revealed that she did not.

The video then shifts to her on the phone with an unknown individual, possibly a WWE official or her lawyer, as she informs them she will need help posting bail and is being arrested for a vape that had the substance in it, but she did not know how it got into her car.

Later in the footage, the officer claims he was trying to drive toward a crash but her erratic driving on and off the road was blocking his path. When asked about her driving Morgan claimed she did not notice she was driving off the road and over rivets in the pavement that would signal she was no longer in the driving lane.

Fortunately for Liv Morgan, real name Gionna J. Daddio, her felony charges were eventually dropped by officials in Sumter County, Florida. She did not receive punishment from WWE.

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