Major Update On Jeff Hardy’s AEW Contract Status Revealed: Is A WWE Return Before Summerslam Possible?

jeff hardy
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Jeff Hardy’s brother, Matt, has offered up a major update on the contract status of his sibling and it could open the door to a potential return before the biggest WWE event of the summer.

Over the last 30 years, few wrestlers have been able to captivate fans quite like Jeff Hardy. In an era where promo skills have become a key part of stardom, one-half of the legendary Hardy Boyz team has been able to grab the attention of millions of fans with his incomparable charisma and death-defying moves.

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That is why despite his addiction problems away from the ring, he has been able to also have runs with companies like TNA Wrestling and most recently a reunion with Matt in AEW. However, his run with the No. 2 company in professional wrestling could soon be coming to an end.

Last month Matt Hardy hit free agency and quickly made an appearance for his former employer TNA. Since then, many have wondered when they will next see his brother because he has been off television since February. Well, during a new edition of his podcast, the older Hardy brother revealed that Jeff Hardy has until “mid-June or so, I think, and then his deal is up.”

Could Jeff Hardy return to WWE for Summerslam?

jeff hardy
Credit: WWE

If Hardy becomes available by the end of June, that would certainly open the door to a WWE return for Summerslam in August. Hardy ended his most recent run with his long-time employer in 2021 after new concerns he may have relapsed back to drug use and he refused another trip to rehab. It led to his jump to AEW several months later.

AEW does not have a strict non-compete clause like WWE, and with a new regime in charge of the company, they could welcome back the enigmatic legend for one final run with his brother. However, with Matt Hardy back in TNA in a prominent role, it is more likely we see Hardy return to the ring with that company, and Slammiversary in July would be a perfect date for a grand comeback.

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