PFL Boss Reveals Jake Paul MMA Debut Timeline And 2 Opponents Being Considered Internally

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While Jake Paul is set to return to the ring in a highly anticipated clash against boxing icon Mike Tyson in July, the CEO of PFL plans to lock in his MMA debut for next year.

Jake Paul has made quite a name for himself in the world of combat sports. The social media influencer turned pugilist has racked up a 9-1 record in boxing and scored huge wins over MMA greats like Nate Diaz, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva. He has also been a bit of an industry disrupter as he needles UFC President Dana White over fighter pay the last two years.

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Last year he revealed he planned to do more than just bug White and signed an exclusive deal to fight inside the cage for the Professional Fighters League. However, a year and a half has nearly passed since the deal was made and it seems like his MMA debut hasn’t gotten any closer to being set up.

Well, that could change soon. On Friday, PFL CEO Peter Murray informed MMA Junkie that “2025 is definitely where he and his team are setting their sights (for MMA).” It is the most clear-cut timeline that has been set for “Problem Child’s” switch to cage fighting.

Beyond the exact date of his move to MMA, many have wondered who Paul could face in the PFL Smartcage. In his chat with the outlet, Murray also threw two major names out there that look to be under consideration by the league.

Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvial are being considered for Jake Paul’s PFL debut

jake paul
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“[There’s] no shortage of major, major MMA top fighters that want to step into the cage with Jake — including Nate [Diaz],” he said. “That would be an exciting fight. There are others that are lining up — [Jorge] Masvidal, and there’s more.”

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Paul faced Diaz in the boxing ring last year and scored a unanimous decision victory. He has suggested since that time that a rematch in MMA was a part of the contract.

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