Has Dominik Mysterio Ditched Mami For Liv Morgan?

Dominik Mysterio Liv Morgan
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In recent weeks, there have been teases, with the biggest yet coming in Jeddah, making us wonder: has Dominik Mysterio ditched Mami for Liv Morgan?

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We’ve seen hints and teases for a few weeks now, with two members of Judgement Day crossing paths with Liv Morgan. Predominantly, that was Dirty Dominik Mysterio, but there was even one curious one moment with Finn Balor as well. It’s all extremely noteworthy because until a month or so back, Dirty Dom and Mami-better known as Rhea Ripley, were an on-screen thing.

What Gives?

Of course, in real life, Ripley is with AEW’s Buddy Matthews. To his credit, the young Mysterio also just recently got married. And in real life, both Rhea and Dom are injured. It’s somewhat interesting to me that while Ripley has been off television while recovering, Dom has not been. Instead, we’ve seen him and Liv Morgan sneaking out of the same locker room and more questionable appearances. And after King and Queen of the Ring? Fans will have more questions.

Dominik Mysterio Liv Morgan

In Jeddah, Dominik Mysterio interjected himself into the Women’s World Championship match between Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan. Late in the encounter, Mysterio slid a chair into the ring, which Morgan wound up using to her advantage. The result is we have a new champion, and more questions.

Prior to heading overseas, Mysterio spoke on the Masked Man Show Podcast, and was asked about what is going on between he and Liv Morgan. His reply won’t quiet anything yet. Specifically, he said he is doing what he’s doing to protect Rhea Ripley, so that when Mami comes back she can reclaim the title she didn’t lose. That’s a puzzle, considering it was (at least in storyline) Liv Morgan who knocked Ripley off of TV. I don’t know quite where things are headed, but I am here for it.

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