Gable Steveson: Why He Failed In WWE And What’s Next?

He came in with much fanfare and left with a whimper-Gable Steveson: why he failed in WWE and what's next?

gable steveson failed wwe
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He came in with much fanfare and left with a whimper-Gable Steveson: why he failed in WWE and what’s next?

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I have to really rack my brain to find another WWE prospect who came in with so much hype and never did anything. That is how disappointing the WWE run was for Gable Steveson. He had plenty of hype, signing with the WWE as part of the early wave of NCAA NIL deals with the company. As a superbly decorated amateur wrestler, with titles within the NCAA and Olympics, he had a pedigree to be reckoned with. After all, WWE has had plenty of successful former Olympians, as well as former amateur wrestlers. Chad Gable is one current example. Kurt Angle is another. Brock Lesnar is especially significant too, as both he and Steveson won NCAA glory for Minnesota’s Golden Gophers.

gable steveson failed wwe
Credit: wwe

But, unlike all of those names? Steveson never had a main roster match. In fact, he only had one televised match, which happened in NXT. There were so many rumors about how well he was or was not taking to the training, and based on how things turned out, I think we all know. Honestly, I remember thinking when WWE brought both he and fellow Olympic champion Tamyra Mensah-Stock out, that she was the better signing. Only, it took WWE longer to bring her in (and she’s still in training now).

What happened?

For Steveson, things never clicked. As someone who was physically talented and extremely athletic, he lacked charisma and never picked up the in-ring work needed to make it. I think part of it was just how hyped up his arrival was. He got paraded at WrestleMania. WWE made him a part of a WWE Draft-and a draft pick-and he never did anything. Honestly, he didn’t even do anything to warrant that amount of hype or attention. Had WWE had a chance to quietly develop him? Maybe. Can I blame the old regime? Perhaps.

So now that he’s been quietly released, what’s next? Well, according to the Wrestling Observer, Gable Steveson has been talking to NFL teams about possibly giving that a shot. One team in particular was the Buffalo Bills. This is more curious when you consider Steveson’s lack of football experience. But, as mentioned before, he has size and strength and athletic talents, so some NFL team may take that gamble. For me, I am somewhat surprised that he didn’t turn his attention to MMA, given his background. Then again, given that WWE and UFC are so close now, is it telling that he was released and that option seems to not exist? All we do know is that Gable Steveson failed in WWE.

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