Do The Good Brothers Love Being In NXT Or Feel Disrespected?

One of the better tag teams of their generation, The Good Brothers have found a new home, but do they love being in NXT?

Good Brothers Love NXT
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One of the better tag teams of their generation, The Good Brothers have found a new home, but do they love being in NXT?

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When they arrived in WWE, fans had visions of grandeur. Gallows and Anderson arrived on RAW way back when to team up with AJ Styles. The vision, of course, had everything to do with what the trio was apart of when working in Japan years ago. While a formal Bullet Club variant never landed in WWE (but plenty alums have), we did get The O.C. It was both a name for the tag team, as well as the trio (and ultimately, a group of four with Mia Yim added to the mix). While they’ve stuck around, and actually are on act two of their time with the company, it hasn’t gone nearly as well as you’d have expected.

And now, the team of the Good Brothers have found a new home in NXT, and according to them, they love it there. It is a unique twist for the so-called “developmental” brand for WWE. Early on, it was purely that. Linked to the Performance Center, it was where WWE made new Superstars. Every so often you might get a big name, but it was rare. Eventually, WWE brass wanted to use the brand as a third major component of the company, but things did not go as well as they’d hoped. After going head to head with AEW, and losing, a lot of changes were on their way to the brand.

good brothers love nxt

But now, with Triple H running everything and not just NXT? Things are different. We’ve seen several instances of major appearances. Fans have seen Becky Lynch, very recently, return and win NXT gold. Baron Corbin has gone down and rehabbed his character. Natalya has more than made the rounds, and there are plenty not even being mentioned. The latest addition to that list is seemingly the Good Brothers. The pair acknowledged that, when they first landed in WWE, they would have never wanted a run in NXT. But now, it’s different. NXT gives them a chance to work with young talents, new names and faces. Plus, while it used to be seen purely as developmental, Superstars know that NXT is anything but that anymore.

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