Dijak Is Heading To Monday Night RAW Without New Contract

Fans and Superstars alike are excited, Dijak is heading back to Monday Night RAW-but without a new contract

Dijak Monday Night RAW
Credit: wwe

Fans and Superstars alike are excited, Dijak is heading back to Monday Night RAW-but without a new contract.

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We just wrapped up the 2024 Superstar Draft in WWE. Night one kicked off on the April 26th edition of SmackDown. As per usual, WWE continued with some selections after the show. The final night of the draft concluded on the April 29th edition of RAW. Again, we saw some talent on the move via off air segments. One of those we found out about after RAW? NXT’s Dijak is going to Monday Night RAW. His peers were excited for him, and as someone who fondly remembers his clashes with Keith Lee in NXT? I look forward to it. It surely has to be better than what he got saddled with in Retribution.

Back To RAW

Dijak Monday Night RAW
Credit: WWE

While he is heading back to the main roster, he is doing so without a new contract. There are a couple things to unpack here. First, it wasn’t that long ago that we heard that Dijak was considered for a summer program with new NXT Champion Trick Williams. But there was some chatter about Dijak’s contract status. With the move up to RAW, the summer program with Trick seems to be over and done with. His contract status, not so much-yet.

According to Fightful, Dijak heading to Monday Night RAW does not mean he has a new deal. By all accounts, a deal is indeed expected. Reports indicate that AEW definitely would have strong interest. But, according to sources within AEW, they also believe that Dijak is nearing a new contract. So, wverything seems to be lining up for the new RAW Superstar. Hopefully, it goes better than the very forgettable and embarrassing stable we all know as Retribution.

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