VIDEO: Is There New Evidence That The Beef Between CM Punk And Seth Rollins Has Ended?

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While most assume that Seth Rollins and CM Punk are not going to be sending each other Christmas cards this year, a new video may show proof that things are not as bad between the two WWE superstars as we thought.

CM Punk’s unfortunate triceps tear at the 2024 Royal Rumble was a major disappointment for many reasons. It undercut his shocking return in just a couple of months, but more than anything it postponed plans for a titanic clash between him and Seth Rollins.

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While the two legends facing off is a dream match for fans, it is a matchup that can put a lot of butts in seats because of the legitimate issues between the two. Seth Rollins has not hidden his dislike for Punk in recent years and even called him a locker room cancer last year.

He was also noticeably irate at the finish of Survivor Series 2023 when Punk made his shocking return. Most assume that Rollins and his wife, women’s world champion Becky Lynch, are not friends with the “Second City Saint,” however, a new video may show some evidence that the heat between the wrestlers may have cooled recently.

CM Punk and Becky Lynch look to be on friendly terms

During an appearance at WWE Raw this past week, YouTube influencer IShowSpeed recorded a vlog for his channel, and while backstage and talking to the Miz, CM Punk can be seen in the background stopping to have what seems like a very cordial conversation with Lynch. The moment can be seen at the 4:45 mark of the video.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean all is fine with Punk and Rollins. But his wife has always been very supportive of her husband and the two are often locked-in-step on their opinions. If she is on good terms with the multi-time champion it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that things have changed with Rollins.

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Cody Rhodes and Rollins reportedly had a rocky relationship when the “American Nightmare” returned to the roster in 2022, and now they seem to be a very good terms. All reports indicate CM Punk has been a complete professional backstage and has gotten rave reviews from many behind the scenes.

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