At NXT Battleground, Jordynne Grace Needs To Shock The Wrestling World

Now that we know who Roxanne Perez is defending against at NXT Battleground, and I am here to say that Jordynne Grace needs to shock the wrestling world.

NXT Battleground Jordynne Grace
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Now that we know who Roxanne Perez is defending against at NXT Battleground, and I am here to say that Jordynne Grace needs to shock the wrestling world.

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Everyone knows that AEW has their Forbidden Door. They’ve embraced bringing in talent contracted to other promotions and working with them. It’s not something WWE had done much of under Vince McMahon during his later years. But, if you go way back, you can find examples of a younger McMahon bringing in talent from Japan, and I am sure I remember a deal with Smokey Mountain Wrestling too. Point being, partnerships were always around, but AEW has made a bigger deal about it.

Now, it’s WWE’s chance. We have seen some of this happening in recent Royal Rumbles, no doubt in part because Triple H now runs the show. You may remember Mickie James coming in as an entrant a couple years back, complete with her title belt. In the 2024 women’s Rumble, it was Knockouts champ Jordynne Grace’s turn to impress, and she absolutely did. For Grace, it was not a one and done appearance either, as we found out during the May 28th edition of NXT.

NXT Battleground Jordynne Grace

Stunning events in NXT!

Coming in to the show, fans knew we’d learn of Roxanne Perez’s challenger for NXT Battleground. Many expected Tegan Nox, who had been rumored to be desired by NXT creative shot callers. While she may still be, she was not the choice. NXT GM Ava Raine revealed that the new challenger would be Grace, and it’s safe to say some jaws probably dropped. It’s one thing to have champion versus champion bouts. But it’s entirely different to have it be a WWE champion (NXT, in this case) go head to head with one from an entirely different promotion.

And I am here to say, I want to see Jordynne Grace shock the wrestling world. I truly hope that WWE (looking at HBK and Hunter) have the stones to say, you know what? Let’s do it. It’s time for us to let a visitor, someone from another promotion, do the unthinkable and win one of our titles. I am not coming here with facts and statistics, admittedly. But, there is a common tone about AEW Forbidden Door matches. I regularly see fans comment that usually the AEW talent goes over. Or, if the “guest” wins, it’s someone Tony Khan is trying to lure to AEW.

What next?

Does WWE want Jordynne Grace? They’d be crazy not to, so I would say yes. Supposedly, for her limited run now, she’s getting six figures, so the company is definitely for real. One concern with that figure, if true: is the number so high so that she does the job? Maybe. But maybe not. In any case, we are hearing that this is just the latest in a new relationship between WWE and TNA. Such a partnership could make a ton of sense. And if this is just the next step in a blossoming engagement, it makes a lot of sense for NXT Battleground to go off swimmingly.

At the end of the day, those involved maybe, probably already know how that title match will go. That was probably hashed out before things were signed, sealed and revealed. After what Medusa and Shane Douglas did with certain title belts, no promoter wants to take any chances, and you can’t blame them. But, it would create a truly epic moment if WWE does what a couple years ago would have been unthinkable.

When Battleground is all said and done, I want to know that there is a new champion in NXT: Jordynne Grace.

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