Uber-talented AEW veteran Ethan Page reportedly hits free agency: Is a move to NXT a near guarantee?

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Ethan Page, one of AEW’s more underrated talents reportedly is no longer with the company and is now available to take offers from around the wrestling world.

After joining the AEW roster in 2021, Ethan Page seemed like he would eventually become a major singles star for the upstart company in time. He was coming off of a strong run in Impact Wrestling and was one of the more well-rounded talents outside WWE.

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However, after his “Face of the Revolution” ladder match debut he could never get traction inside the company. He was placed into the odd storyline involving MMA gym American Top Team and then eventually a feud with Matt Hardy that did little for either man in 2023. Then he was transitioned to ROH and joined a group that has fallen off the map since Tony Khan purchased the legendary company in 2022.

AEW never maximized the talent Page has and it seems he has been unhappy for some time and “was looking to leave AEW as far back as February,” according to a report from Fightful Select on Thursday. Page is only 34 years old, has many prime wrestling years ahead of him, and will definitely draw interest from various companies, including NXT.

Why Ethan Page and NXT would be a perfect match in 2024

Page has a great look, can progress a story on the microphone, and is a rock-solid wrestler. Furthermore, he has performed for promotions that have notable TV deals and knows how to perform for television audiences. That is why he will surely garner interest from companies like TNA, MLW, and NWA. He would not be viewed as a talent that is ready for the WWE main roster but that doesn’t mean he can’t get into their system.

That is why Page should, and likely will land in NXT. He has worked for two other notable promotions in North America and is unlikely to take his talents to Japan or work on the indies. He is in prime years and is on the precipice of being a star. However, he needs to smooth out certain rough edges on his presentation and there is no better place to do that than NXT.

Furthermore, NXT could really use a performer like Ethan Page. The roster is full of young prospects and WWE main roster veterans looking for fresh starts. Page would bring an experienced performer who can be placed near the top of the roster but is a fresh face that part of the WWE audience may not be familiar with.

Similar to LA Knight and Dragon Lee, he could prove himself for a year in NXT while helping the brand, and curry favor for an eventual promotion to the main roster in 2025. With the new creative forces in NXT and WWE, Page could easily become a popular star for the company and a valuable asset.

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