AEW Star Ricky Starks Details Close Bond With WWE Champ Cody Rhodes: Is A Move To WWE A Near Lock?

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In a new interview, Ricky Starks detailed the deep bond he has with WWE champion Cody Rhodes, which is something many believe will be the reason why he leaves AEW when his contract expires.

The current situation between Ricky Starks and AEW is confusing at best. Despite being one of the few homegrown stars they have, the former tag champion has not been seen on television in weeks and the gifted wrestler recently admitted that he doesn’t understand why.

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To many fans of the industry, the unexpected schism could be the early signs of a strategy wrestling promotions have been using for years. With a performer likely to be leaving soon, companies will take them off TV and not allow the wrestler to take their talents elsewhere on a potential hot streak.

It has been well-publicized that Ricky Starks and Cody Rhodes are friends and that was on full display in April when a video went viral of the AEW star passionately celebrating “The American Nightmare’s” WWE title win in the main event of WrestleMania 40.

However, Starks has not spoken in much depth about their relationship publicly. That is until now.

“The reality of it is that I shouldn’t feel like I can’t talk about a friend that I have. Cody has done more for me behind closed doors and for my family than anyone will ever know,” Starks told What Culture this week. “I don’t have to explain myself or justify any type of relationship I have with someone. But I will just end it to that and say, beyond this wrestling shit, he’s done more for me than I could have ever asked someone to do. So in return, he will always have my loyalty and respect because that is how I as a person, that’s how I operate.

“… When I went to go see Cody at the Rumble, someone leaked the security footage. It’s not like I was trying to be seen. Someone leaked that footage. It was so bizarre, so weird … I’ll be damned if I let anybody, whether it’s the people I work with, whether the people online, I’ll be damned if I let anyone let me feel like you shouldn’t have friends,” he said. “Outside of this wrestling bubble, that’s sad. It’s mind-numbing to be like, ‘We’re mad at this guy, this guy sucks because he wanted to go see his friend.’ It’s like, guys, it’s not that big of a deal. I’m just there watching wrestling. I’m going to continue to support my friends at whatever company because who’s gonna tell me otherwise?”

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Ricky Starks also mentioned during the conversation his friendship with Jade Cargill, another recent AEW departure to WWE, and how he had been helping her for some time for her debut at WrestleMania 40. With two close friends in a rival company and being two of their biggest stars, it is hard not to imagine that is having a major effect on Starks.

Especially with him being currently frozen out of AEW television, and previous reports that WWE would be interested in him if he hits the open market. It really does seem like an eventuality that the 34-year-old will be WWE-bound when his AEW contract expires. Which reportedly is believed to be at some point in 2024.

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