When Could Roxanne Perez Land On The WWE Main Roster?

She has been impressive since her NXT arrival, so when could Roxanne Perez land on the WWE main roster?

Roxanne Perez WWE Main Roster
Credit: WWE

She has been impressive since her NXT arrival, so when could Roxanne Perez land on the WWE main roster?

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It’s a big question that has been asked more than a few times. Though she is only 22, she has never looked out of place in NXT since she arrived just about two years ago. Yes, she debuted in NXT at the age of 20. Despite her age, she has quite a bit of experience. On her resume already? Two appearances in the Women’s Royal Rumble and an NXT Championship reign.

Speaking of championship reigns…Roxanne gets a shot at Lyra Valkyria’s belt this weekend. Perez is a recently turned heel, and she continues to earn rave reviews for her work. You could say (and plenty have) that she has proven she could hang on the main roster already. So, when could she land on RAW or SmackDown? Fightful has us covered…

The answer is a bit tricky.

Roxanne Perez WWE Main Roster
source: WWE

On one hand, she could go up on the next episode of RAW or SmackDown and be totally fine. NXT has a few young talents in similar situations, but Perez may be one of the more polished options. However, some in the back are hoping and angling to keep Perez in Florida a bit longer. The reasoning is sound, and may actually keep her in Orlando.

Specifically, up until recently, she has worked as a face. Roxanne only very recently turned heel. There are those within the creative machine who want to see her spend more time in NXT where she can further refine her new persona. Again, this new heel suits her and she’s pulling it off well, but practice makes perfect.

How her match goes this weekend will likely tell us a lot about her 2024 plans, whether they are on the main roster sooner than later or not. Either way, the Superstar dubbed “The Prodigy” is a big part of the future of the women’s division in WWE. And the future might arrive very soon.

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