The Undertaker Reveals What Legendary Finisher Was One Of His Favorites To Take: ‘It Wasn’t Too Terrible On The Body To Take’

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During his legendary career, The Undertaker has taken hundreds of finishing moves, but one, in particular, he says was the easiest to take: Randy Orton’s RKO.

Few professional wrestlers have done and seen as much as The Undertaker. “The Deadman” has faced many of the greatest performers of all time and has been on the receiving end of their legendary finishers. Be it Ric Flair’s vaunted figure-four leglock, Hulk Hogan’s leg drop, John Cena’s attitude adjustment, or Brock Lesnar’s F5, The Undertaker has taken them all.

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However, during a recent Q&A on his Patreon page, the conversation turned toward some of those finishers he has received during his over 30-year career, and ‘Taker revealed that when it comes to the finishers that hurt the least, Randy Orton’s RKO is at the top of the list.

The Undertakers says the RKO was one of the least painful finishers he ever took

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“When I was still moving really well it was fun kind of taking the RKO,” The Undertaker said (h/t TJR Wrestling). “You could really make that; Randy was always smooth as silk with it but if your timing was right, you could really lay out well for it and it wasn’t too terrible on the body to take.”

Orton’s RKO is one of the most iconic finishers in professional wrestling history. While many deemed it a knock-off of Diamond Dallas Page’s diamond cutter, Orton took it to legendary levels in the way he was able to use it in so many memorable and unexpected ways.

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Orton and The Undertaker faced off many times during the early part of “The Viper’s” career, including at WrestleMania 21.

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