Kevin Nash Goes On Hilarious Body-Shaming Rant About The Young Bucks: ‘The Only F***ing Cut They Have On Their Bodies Is Their A** Crack’

kevin nash, the young bucks
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During a recent edition of his podcast, WWE and WCW legend Kevin Nash went on a hilarious but surprising body-shaming rant mocking the physiques of AEW stars like Will Ospreay and the Young Bucks.

While AEW made headlines in 2024 with a trio of big-time free-agent signings and also crowned their first male African American champion, Swerve Strickland, in April, things haven’t been great for the company recently. Video of half-full arenas for events have made their way on social media and recent ratings for AEW shows have been shockingly low.

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While the internet wrestling community has debated what is wrong with the current AEW product, two-time WWE Hall-of-Famer Kevin Nash suggested that maybe part of the problem is the physical presentation of the various wrestlers on the roster. And not just the creative direction and how the television shows are produced.

Kevin Nash takes a shot at the Young Bucks’ physiques: ‘They used to be in shape’

kevin nash, the young bucks

“I watched AEW. It aired last night. Everybody looks like indie guys because nobody looks like they take care of themselves,” Nash said on a recent edition of his “Kliq This” podcast (h/t Wrestleguy). “We had Orange Cassidy versus that large very pear-shaped black man. Steve Taylor? Shane Taylor. It was very hard for me to believe that that big f***er got his a** beat by somebody who had his hands in his pockets 50% of the match.

“And Ospreay needs to get his body in better shape. He just turned 30. Come on man,” he added. “…You know the Bucks start their entrances, you know they do the [biceps pose]. If you’re going to do that that’s great. At least go to the gym. Like, the only f***ing cut on their bodies; if you take away the crack of their a** they don’t have a crack on their body. They used to be in shape.”

AEW has always prided itself on offering up a roster of talent in all shapes and sizes and doesn’t look for the biggest and most impressive talent. While the Young Bucks are not quite as cut as they were a few years ago, they are in better shape than they were a decade ago.

Nash’s take on Ospreay is pretty surprising because he does have an enviable physique and what he can do in the ring as an athlete is second to none and proves the shape he is in. It is one of those moments where the NWO co-founder shows he is from a very different time in the professional wrestling business.

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