The Undertaker Says This WWE Star Should Have Ended His Streak Instead Of Brock Lesnar, And It’s Not Roman Reigns

the undertaker, bray wyatt
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WWE legend the Undertaker has been open about his surprise that the company chose to let Brock Lesnar end his streak, and it seems the reason is that he believes one specific rising star at the time should have gotten that career-changing honor.

We are right in the thick of Wrestlemania season and one of the great traditions of this time of year was the build to the next chapter in the Undertaker’s iconic streak. However, that was taken from long-time fans when Brock Lesnar handed “The Phenom” his first defeat at the showcase of the immortals.

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That decision by WWE founder and longtime figurehead Vince McMahon has been debated for years inside the company’s fanbase. Since the Undertaker’s retirement in 2020 “The Deadman” has spoken a bit about that decision, as well as Roman Reigns also getting a victory over him at the event a few years later. However, this week he added a new layer to the debate when he explained who he believes should have ended “The Streak.”

“The most logical person to break it would have been Bray Wyatt,” he said during a recent Q&A on his Patreon page. “Probably of the three, it would have meant more to his career than even Roman’s. For Roman, it would have been very special but for Bray, there were so many comparisons between the two characters and the darkness and the different things.

the undertaker, bray wyatt

“For him to be able to have broken it would have been such a feather in his cap and it’s something that would have probably extended the character of the Undertaker in a different capacity,” he continued “Bray would have been the in-ring aspect of it, but I think that those characters would have somehow maybe merged in some kind of higher power type deal.”

Bray Wyatt did face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31, however, he was just another victim of the legendary streak that year. The one-time world champion would eventually be cut by WWE in 2021 before returning triumphantly in 2023 and then shockingly passing later that year.

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