The Rock Fires Back At WWE Roster Unhappy With His Profane Social Media Promos

the rock
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The Rock has responded to those on the WWE roster about him being able to use adult language in his recent promos, and it seems the wrestling legend and Hollywood superstar won’t be curtailing the habit any time soon.

Following blowback from fans after seemingly usurping Cody Rhodes’ spot in the main event of Wrestlemania 40, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has made a major pivot with his iconic on-camera character. Instead of appeasing fans with fun-loving humor, he has brought back the dark edge that made his heel persona legendary.

However, he has tweaked it a bit this time around by lacing his promos with adult language during his appearances on WWE TV, but primarily in social media posts to help promote his upcoming Wrestlemania Night 1 tag team match with Roman Reigns against Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

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The Rock claps back at disgruntled WWE roster

the rock

The profane language in the era of PG-13 content has won over some of his recent detractors and turned fans back to his side in recent weeks. However, it apparently has not gained him fans on the WWE roster. On Saturday, it was reported that his ability to use R-rated language while they must strictly adhere to the company’s more PG policies on language has rubbed some in the locker room the wrong way.

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Well, on Sunday the WWE icon took to his Instagram account to respond to the “standards and practices” folks at the network and WWE to let them know he rather be authentic than censored.

“Networks and ‘standards & practices’ have issues with my language, but I’d rather be real than not. I talk from the heart, shoot from the hip, and try to always have fun,” Johnson wrote.

It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out with the wrestling legend having so much power as a member of the TKO Group Holdings board and episodes of Smackdown delivering sold-out crowds and a great deal of buzz since his return.

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The company reportedly sent out an email to all performers this week to let them know they must still follow the current policy on language in their promos.

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