Former UFC Champ Sean Strickland Posts Worrisome Video On Instagram: ‘I Want To Burn Everything Down In The World’

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In a worrisome new post on his Instagram account, former UFC middleweight king Sean Strickland claimed he has everything he’s ever wanted and is still gripped in a difficult battle with his mental health.

Sean Strickland’s UFC journey is one of the most memorable the company has had over the last decade. After an up-and-down start in the promotion as a welterweight, he was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident. The crash cost him two years of his career but when he returned in 2020 as a middleweight he became one of the best fighters in the world at 185 pounds.

  • Sean Strickland record: 28-6 (11 KOS, 4 submissions)

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Since his return, he is 8-3 in his last 11, surprisingly earned a title opportunity against middleweight great Israel Adesanya, and shockingly scored a decisive victory over the future Hall-of-Famer. However, for all the amazing success he has developed a reputation as an unstable individual with a scary ongoing battle in his head.

On Monday, the 33-year-old pulled back the curtain again on his mental health issues and how he is still badly struggling despite having “everything he wanted” in his life at the moment.

Sean Strickland reveals dark thoughts in his mind despite success in life

“I woke up and I told my girl, ‘I feel like I’m a danger to people.’ I don’t feel like I should be out in the world,” Strickland said. “I have everything I ever wanted and I’m still mentally unwell. I get in these mindsets to where I want to burn everything down in the world. Like I want to have nothing so I can just lose it and take out everything on people.

“… I have everything I want and I still struggle with mental health … When I think about it this happens multiple times a month, every month,” he revealed. “I don’t know why I’m telling you guys this, I’ve just been kind of going through some s***. I’ll be fine. I am going to train right now and try to hurt all my friends and all the demons will go away.”

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Sean Strickland has made many controversial comments in the lead-up to fights and on social media about many hot-button social issues. Nevertheless, he has a legitimate fan base and this disturbing post seems to be his latest cry for help that is serving as a way to help others dealing with the same troubles.

After losing his title to Dricus Du Plessis in January, his next fight has not yet been booked.

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