UFC Legend Quinton Jackson Claims Outer Space Is Fake But The Sun Is Real In Strange Rant

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It seems that not only does UFC legend Quinton Jackson believe the Earth is flat, but outer space is as real as the idea that the planet is round.

Professional fighters are very unique people. To be able to step into a ring or cage and understand another person is trying to violently put you to sleep takes a very unique mindset. It is not a sport for the weak of heart or mind. That is why it’s no surprise that there are some in the fight game who see the world in general in very different ways than most people.

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A new example of that fact comes in the form of UFC light heavyweight great Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. The Pride FC veteran is one of the greatest 205-pound fighters in mixed martial arts history and ushered in a new age in the weight class when he ended the iconic reign of Chuck Liddell in 2007.

With his fight career long over, like many professional athletes nowadays he has transitioned to mining his notable fanbase via his “Jaxxon Podcast.” However, during an appearance on the YouTube channel of another outside-the-box thinker and UFC veteran — Brendan Schaub — the 45-year-old wondered aloud why some in society ridicule those who believe the Earth is flat. Since the oldest “history” book in the world, the Bible, claims it is.

Quinton Jackson record: 38-14 (20 KOs, 4 submissions)

However, that wasn’t the most interesting part of his unexpected rant about the Earth and its place in our solar system. After admitting he believes our planet is flat he revealed some other wild ideas, this time about outer space.

“That’s not the only thing they are selling you on. They selling you on space,” Jackson said when asked by Schaub about why scientists believe the planet is round. “The sun is real. The sun and the moon are real. But outer space is not.”

In the interview, Jackson also claimed he is “punch drunk” and has a tough time with his memory but doesn’t believe he has CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). Which is a disease related to brain trauma that many former professional athletes, including football players and fighters, have dealt with after years of taking violent blows to the head.

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