VIDEO: Comparison Of Mike Tyson And Jake Paul Hitting Pads Should Have ‘Problem Child’ Fans Worried About His Health

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A recently posted video comparison of Mike Tyson and Jake Paul hitting mitts should give long-time Jake Paulers reason to be very worried about the health of their favorite social media influencer.

Last week, Mike Tyson surprisingly announced his return to the ring this summer. However, instead of facing another legend from his age bracket as he did in 2020 when he took on Roy Jones Jr. in a highly successful exhibition bout, “Iron” Mike will instead be battling Jake Paul.

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The news was a shocking development for boxing fans. However, after the confusion war off, many wondered if it was the right move for the combat sports legend who would be 58 years old by the time he entered the ring for his fight inside AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Even UFC President Dana White questioned the decision despite long being a detractor of the boxing talents of Paul. While Tyson is a fight sports icon, the 27-year-old has shown rock-solid boxing skills in his first 10 fights and legitimate power in his hands that he put on display in a pair of knockout wins in his last two bouts.

Mike Tyson looks like an absolute monster in training montage video

However, those concerned about the health of the boxing legend should take a look at a recent video shared on Instagram this week showcasing the difference between the two in how they hit pads in preparation for their July 20 fight that will be broadcast to the world on Netflix.

While the various footage used in the video above isn’t dated and could be from earlier in Paul’s career and from Tyson’s time training for his 2020 fight against Jones Jr., it is nonetheless shocking. Not because Mike Tyson looks his age but because he is unbelievably quick despite closing in on 60 years old.

The former heavyweight king has always been known as a special athlete, but the training montage shows he really is a once-in-a-generation talent as he is still in phenomenal shape despite being near AARP membership age.

Furthermore, it shows how decades of honing the craft can keep technique sharp, and while Paul has improved greatly since he debuted in 2020, he is worlds behind the unretired knockout monster.

Jake Paul actually competed on the undercard of 2020’s Tyson vs. Jones Jr. card.

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