Huge Update On Kenny Omega’s Health Revealed: When Will He Return to AEW TV?

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Many AEW fans are wondering when Kenny Omega could return to the promotion’s airwaves. Friday brought a major update on his ongoing health issues and they sure make it seem like the former AEW world champion could be out for a very long time.

Kenny Omega is very much the heart of AEW. He was one of the men who helped form the organization in 2019 and since its inception, he has put his body on the line to grow the brand and be a part of some of the best matches in the industry over the last five years.

  • Kenny Omega illness: The former champion is currently deal with diverticulitis

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Carrying AEW as one of its top performers and a vice president took its toll and various injuries forced him out of action for much of 2022 after needing multiple surgeries. When he returned it seemed like the legendary “Cleaner” was fully healthy and back to elite form to begin another memorable run.

However, all the high hopes were dashed when it was revealed that Omega was dealing with diverticulitis. The same issue that cost Brock Lesnar a year of his UFC career. Recent reports suggested the one-time AEW world champion was on the road to recovery, but according to Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, Omega’s stint on the sidelines will soon get extended in a major way.

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Kenny Omega expected to get intestinal surgery

kenny omega

“While a definitive decision remains pending, signs point towards Kenny Omega opting for intestinal surgery. He has been enduring considerable discomfort over the past months and, despite fluctuations, surgery is gaining favorability following recommendations from two independent physicians.

“While not yet set in stone, the likelihood of surgery increases, especially considering his aspirations to return to professional wrestling at full capacity, necessitating resolution of perforated sections in his intestine and colon … Achieving optimal physical condition becomes paramount in this scenario. Comparisons to past wrestling icons like Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brock Lesnar underline the seriousness of Omega’s health concerns, which have bordered on life-threatening.”

– Dave Meltzer (h/t Wrestle Headlines)
  • Kenny Omega wife: Omega is currently single and unmarried

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While Kenny Omega should be able to fully recover, there is no guarantee he is guaranteed to return to the ring after surgery. However, at this point, if the former NJPW champion can return to the ring it likely won’t be until the 3rd quarter of 2024 at the earliest.

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