UFC Legend Daniel Cormier Gets Roasted By College Wrestling Fans For More Biased Announcing

UFC Champion Looking For WWE Gig

Former UFC champion Daniel Cormier has done a lot of good for the sport of college wrestling.

However, “DC” has also drawn negative press for his style when it comes to announcing – both for college wrestling and UFC.

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This past weekend, Cormier again came under fire by college wrestling fans. He was on the call for the NCAA Championships, which aired live on ESPN.

One person on X (formerly known as Twitter) said Cormier “is painful” to listen to.

“He has no professionalism on the mic to the point of it being ridiculous,” the post added.

Cormier took exception to that – among others – and replied.

“Guys (I’m) out,” he wrote. “This will be my last time doing the (NCAA) tournament. Continue to do things the same way and stay wrestling that hasn’t changed since the 40’s.

“I told the general public to watch a guy told me he’d rather tear his eyes out than watch. So enjoy. I’ll finish (Saturday night) and I’m out.”

Since leaving the sport and joining the commentary ranks full-time, Cormier has been called out for much of the same doing UFC fights. He also replied to a comment regarding that.

When a follower stated “MMA fans say a lot worse things about that commentary but you still do that,” Cormier wrote, “I get paid a lot there.”

Cormier noted that he is asked to do college wrestling and he doesn’t “ask to do this.”

“You guys have it,” he wrote. “I am out sorry to ruin your experience. Very important people ask me to do it.

“Anyhow carry on my friend I am out. Back to the minor leagues for me.”

Daniel Cormier Has Faced Critics Before For UFC Commentary

As color commentator, Cormier is asked to provide insight and give an opinion. That puts him in a tight spot, especially as someone who has been around the sport for as long as he has.

Justin Gaethje, a top fighter, called Cormier “incredibly biased” before.

Former UFC champion Dominick Cruz, who has called fights, said “When it comes to DC, I usually mute it.”

“From my experience, he doesn’t do the homework,” Cruz added. “He wants to get in and out, get the job done, make his money.”

Pat McAfee, however, gave Cormier credit for his work on the mic during the event.

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