Did CM Punk And WWE Legend Booker T Nearly Have Backstage Altercation At Recent NXT Taping?

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WWE Hall-of-Famer Booker T suggested on Thursday that he and CM Punk nearly had an altercation backstage at this week’s NXT taping.

For long-time wrestling fans, CM Punk’s return to WWE was one of the biggest moments in the industry in 2023. It was one of those classic moments where hell froze over and a disgruntled former employee returned home to the company that made them a superstar.

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While most celebrated in the moment, others questioned the decision, since CM Punk was vocal about his issues with the company and purposely signed with a rival company in the hopes of taking a bite out of the WWE’s business.

One former performer who did not take kindly to Punk’s comments in the past is long-time WWE employee Booker T. The former world champion and current NXT announcer once said he didn’t see value in the Chicago native after leaving WWE and being fired by AEW.

  • CM Punk age: 45 years old

After Punk’s return late last year, it seemed any issues he had with current WWE staff had been addressed and resolved. Well, at least we thought. On Thursday, Booker T made an interesting comment during his podcast that made many around the industry do a double-take.

cm punk
Credit: Credit: WWE

“I almost had a little run-in with CM Punk,” Booker T said. “The internet might want to pick that up. Me and CM Punk almost got into it at ‘NXT’ this week … We’ll talk about it later because they’re going to pick it up and run with it.”

Punk was reportedly backstage at Wednesday’s taping and has made several appearances at the company’s prospect training ground since rejoining the promotion in November. Punk has free time as he recovers from a torn tricep and seems to have a good relationship with NXT boss Shawn Michaels.

  • CM Punk wife: AJ Mendez (AKA AJ Lee)

Chances are Booker T is joking, but when it comes to CM Punk and the reputation he has developed for being confrontational, you can never be totally sure.

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