Michael Chandler Gives Backstory On Viral WWE Moment, Open To More Appearances

Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler might just have a future after MMA with the WWE if he wants it.

Chandler appeared on the most recent edition of WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night Raw. When the camera found him in the crowd, “Iron” showed off his acting skills.

“Two minutes before, they said, ‘Hey, they’re going to put the camera on you.’ I said, ‘Why don’t you give me that microphone?'” Chandler said during an appearance on The MMA Hour (thanks to MMA Fighting for the quotes).

After talking with executives running the show, Chandler was allowed to speak. And speak he did.

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“Less than five minutes (of notice),” he said. “There was nothing prepared. Nothing. I was thrown into the fire. Smacked myself a couple of times and then we went.

“There’s no video footage of me taking my shirt off, but Pat McAfee said I took my shirt off (after). I was flexing on everybody. It was fun. It was a lot of fun. I’m tired of waiting on Conor (McGregor), so get his candy ass back to the Octagon.”

Chandler and McGregor have been scheduled to fight for months now. The two coached opposite one another on the most recent edition of The Ultimate Fighter.

Michael Chandler: Potential For WWE Crossover “There”

Chandler said he met with WWE chief content officer and head of creative, Paul Michael Levesque, also known as Triple H. He did deny rumors of a potential crossover appearance at the upcoming WrestleMania card.

Recently, WWE and UFC formed TKO, coming together under one umbrella.

“Obviously there’s a cross over there,” Chandler said. “Ton of respect for the wrestlers, the brass there. They have a ton of respect for the UFC.

“It was really cool being there, watching other athletes and entertainers perform.”

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As for his fight with McGregor, Chandler said “there’s a lot of complicated stuff happening behind the scenes.”

“I’ve been ready since right after The Ultimate Fighter,” he added. “But I also understand the time off has been good, the time with my family has been good.”

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