Former UFC Title Contender ‘Lucky To Be Alive’


Dominick Reyes is counting his blessings.

The former UFC title contender disclosed that he is on blood thinners to help overcome deep vein thrombosis found in his legs.

“God puts us through some trials, and I’m having another hard go right now,” Reyes told Middle Easy. “Me and Carlos (Ulberg) were slated to fight January 20th. He pulled out, I don’t know why. It’s an injury, obviously, but he’s not going to say what his injury is.

“And then a week later, I ended up getting blood clots. Deep vein thrombosis. So yeah, I’m out for a minute.”

Reyes and Olberg were on track for UFC 297 before the first exit by Ulberg. Officials announced they would instead meet in March, but that is also off.

Along with being 12-4 overall, Reyes owns six Octagon wins. He has been out of action since November 2022 and currently cannot partake in any heavy exercise.

“I’m lucky to be alive right now, that’s always nice,” Reyes said. “We caught it early, so it didn’t become a pulmonary embolism, and thank God for that.

“Which is kind of crazy because I got a massage. My leg was hurting and I thought I pulled a muscle in my calf. I got a massage and that’s the worst thing you can ever do. I’m lucky.”

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