Ex WWE Talent Summer Rae Joins Extreme Bare Knuckle Fighting

We have not seen her in the ring in a couple years, and now former WWE Superstar Summer Rae is making a career change.

Summer Rae Extreme Bare Knuckle Fighting
Credit: WWE

Former WWE Superstar Summer Rae is making a major career change, joining the violent Extreme Bare Knuckle Fighting.

And, it’s sort of a big and crazy change…but maybe not as crazy as it sounds.

Summer Rae, last seen in the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble, is joining the world of bare knuckle fighting.

I know exactly what that may make you think…I thought it too…but she is NOT putting her amazing looks on the line.

Instead, she has another role in mind.

Ex WWE Talent Summer Rae Joins Extreme Bare Knuckle Fighting

For Summer Rae, she gets to remain effectively out of the ring and retired from combat.

However, her career change will keep her plenty involved.

The former WWE Superstar-real name Danielle Moinet-is joining BYB Extreme Bare Knuckle Fighting for an on-camera commentary position.

Fighting bare knuckle seems very unlikely.

Considering that she started as a on air talent within WWE, but was not immediate a Diva nor Superstar, this move makes a ton of sense.

It also means she won’t be putting her signature looks on the line in the company’s Trigon.

In acknowledging her move, the former Summer Rae was notably excited about what was ahead of her.

She pointed to the recent explosion of interest in bare knuckle fighting, and explained that she sees the move as a good opportunity for her.

Summer Rae Extreme Bare Knuckle Fighting
Source: WWE

Of course, there are some who figure she could still go in WWE if she wanted to.

But, let’s be real. Calling fights for a promotion is a lot less wear and tear than being in those fights.

The BYB promotion recognizes her appeal to combat sports fans who may remember her time in WWE.

And, if they do not, the beautiful and talented New Yorker will impress a whole new audience in her own way.

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