Someone Made A Huge Offer For AEW
source: @drainbamager, twitter, screenshot

It must be that kind of year, but would you believe someone made a huge offer for AEW?

That is the news straight out of Tony Khan’s mouth, ahead of the company’s biggest and most important show ever.

All In happens this weekend, and it is a massive show.

AEW has provided hype for this show, with some within the company calling it even bigger than WrestleMania.

Now, if All In can consistently do massive gates for the next couple decades? Then we can talk.

I only say couple decades because we know WrestleMania was always the biggest show of the WWE year…but it didn’t always have the massive audiences, whether for one day or two.

Someone Made A Huge Offer For AEW
source: @drainbamager, twitter, screenshot

And while All In largely sold out Wembley without much of an announced card…the company value has never been hotter.

So, while speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Khan chatted about the future of the company…and dropped a big one.

Someone Made A Huge Offer For AEW?

Consider the money that Tony Khan is worth, as well as his father’s worth, and a huge offer might not move the needle for him.

However, it’s still stunning. AEW is still very new, all things considered.

The company has done well, and continues to improve. As WWE was when Vince came back (and still is), AEW is on the cusp of a new and far more lucrative TV rights deal.

Dynamite has now been joined by Collision, and while perhaps ratings are sagging, the reality is…despite having much of an announced card for much of the lead up…they sold 80k tickets to a show in the UK.

So, according to Tony Khan, it was a nice surprise that at least one offer for more than one billion dollars was thrown at him.

Someone Made A Huge Offer For AEW
source: @drainbamager, twitter, screenshot

WWE was just sold for over 9 billion, for the sake of comparison.

While he has no intention of selling, that is a big number for sure. He was also asked if he’d go public, similar to WWE.

As of this moment, Tony Khan had no interest in doing that either.

But, knowing that the company could do both is a bit of a milestone for them, ahead of their most monumental show to date.