Chris Jericho Vs. Mike Tyson
Source: @TheCovalentTV, Twitter, Screenshot

Chris Jericho vs. Mike Tyson was something AEW had planned. It would not have been any typical match, but would still probably garner big numbers.

AEW Dropped Chris Jericho Vs. Mike Tyson Match

There was a time when WCW looked like they would put WWE out of business. In the end, the complete opposite happened. 

Eric Bischoff remembers looking back at the build for WrestleMania 14. In the main event, Steve Austin won the WWE Championship from Shawn Michaels. 

The special enforcer for the match was former boxing heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson. That moment got Bischoff’s attention and many new fans.

Tyson has remained a popular name, even appearing for UFC and AEW. His time in AEW was during the lockdowns, so the lack of a crowd was a disappointment.

In his few appearances for AEW, Tyson interacted with Chris Jericho. During the “The AEW-some Pod,” Jericho mentioned AEW was going to book a cinematic match against Tyson.

“Mike Tyson and I almost had a cinematic match; we were this close to doing one,” said Jericho. “It was going to be Tyson vs. Jericho in a New York Street Fight, but we just couldn’t make it happen. We really were deep into the negotiations, too.”

Chris Jericho Vs. Mike Tyson
Source: @WrestlingInc, Twitter, Screenshot

“We were going to do it in New York, like an alley fight basically. “Think ‘They Live’ — but with Tyson and Jericho, that’s kind of what I had in mind.” 

Eventually, the storyline saw Jericho and Tyson get on the same page. In fact, Tyson helped Jericho and The Inner Circle take on The Pinnacle.

While fans never got the chance to see Chris Jericho vs. Mike Tyson, it could still happen. Both are in great shape and a cinematic match can work for anyone.

Remember, WWE and AEW used cinematic matches for a time. Some were amazing spectacles, while others bombed.

Chris Jericho Vs. Mike Tyson
Source: @TheCovalentTV, Twitter, Screenshot

So, would Chris Jericho vs. Mike Tyson be a match that would elevate AEW to the next level?