WWE Dropped A Hypnosis Angle
Source: @JustTalkWrestle, Twitter, Screenshot

WWE dropped a hypnosis angle because they wanted Santino Marella to lose the comical gimmick he perfected so well for years.

WWE Dropped A Hypnosis Angle So Santino Marella Wasn’t Funny

Santino Marella started in WWE as a serious character. He was given a massive push out of the gate by wining the Intercontinental Championship on his first night and as a crowd member.

Slowly, he turned heel and then arrived the comedy bits. It was those moments, where he really shined.

In an interview with Metro, Santino Marella revealed WWE dropped a hypnosis angle he pitched.

“I pitched one story where I wanted to have a hypnotist hypnotize Santino,” said Marella. “When [I would be] under the hypnosis, he was this killer and then the hypnosis was removed and he started losing again.”

“And then he had that moment where someone talked to him. That speech in the movie like, ‘Even though you were under hypnosis that was you, you did that stuff,’ and then we can transition to a little more legitimate fighter.”

WWE Dropped A Hypnosis Angle
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“But you know, you can make the best steak in the world ,but if it’s a bologna sandwich market, well, you better make bologna sandwich. Right?”

Whether pretending be his sister, working with Beth Phoenix or using a sock as his finisher, fans loved every minute. 

After retiring and leaving WWE, he eventually returned to the pro wrestling world. However, this time as part of Impact Wrestling. Currently, he serves as their “Director of Authority.”

WWE Dropped A Hypnosis Angle
Source: @JustTalkWrestle, Twitter, Screenshot

Santino Marella always shined when being allowed to use humor. The tough guy gimmick did not have work so well.

Remember, WWE ran a similar angle with Luke Gallows (when known as Festus). It was awful and WWE does not even bother mentioning that part because it was embarrassing.

So, when WWE dropped a hypnosis angle before it even got started for Santino Marella, did the promotion make the right call?