Will AEW Talent Avoid CM Punk?
source: @bleacherreport, twitter, screenshot

His return was a long time coming, and not without controversy…but will AEW talent avoid CM Punk?

The whole situation has been one of the craziest in the crazy history of pro wrestling.

Punk has long been known to be abrasive to some, divisive to others.

That jumped to a whole new level in the now-famous All Out brawl, when bad blood between Punk and the Elite boiled over.

All the big names involved were suspended for quite some time.

One individual was fired, though there was talk his deal was up and he wasn’t coming back either way.

And Punk missed a ton of time, in part due to an injury suffered during the in-ring portion of All Out.

While he was away, there was plenty of speculation.

Will AEW Talent Avoid CM Punk?
source: @bleacherreport, twitter, screenshot

Was AEW going to cut ties with CM Punk?

Or, there was talk by some big names in the AEW locker room that they wouldn’t work with Punk ever again.

So…with his return locked in for AEW Collision…

Will AEW Talent Avoid CM Punk?

Per Fightful, it seems that cooler heads have likely prevailed.

We know that, leading up to his AEW return, CM Punk sat down with at least a few key names on the roster.

One was Chris Jericho. It is unclear if those in The Elite had similar conversations.

But Jericho had been pretty up front about being done with CM Punk…and that hatchet seems to have been buried.

Per the Fightful report, no talent walkouts are expected in response to Punk’s AEW return.

I’m curious to see how the return is received, and how things go.

Will AEW Talent Avoid CM Punk?
source: @Adamgoldberg28, twitter, screenshot

On one hand, I can understand talent not wanting to work with the Straight Edge Superstar, given what went down.

But, depending on who you believe, neither side is completely without blame.

Interestingly enough, Punk’s return doesn’t seem to have had quite the impact on ticket sales that might have been expected.