WWE Superstar Recovering From Spine Surgery
source: @fightful, twitter, screenshot

Injuries are an unfortunate part of wrestling, and one WWE Superstar recovering from spine surgery is at least some good news mid-week.

It’s been an interesting 2nd stint with WWE for this talent, too.

The WWE Superstar in question is, of course, Braun Strowman.

The Monster of all Monsters was one of the stunning COVID-era releases, for budgetary reasons.

Because, well, Braun made a lot of money, I suppose.

WWE Superstar Recovering From Spine Surgery
source: @fightful, twitter, screenshot

But, with Triple H taking control of creative during the Summer of 2022, Braun Strowman found his way back to WWE.

This second run hasn’t been without some challenging moments, however.

The strong Superstar put his foot in his mouth, effectively, taking a shot at some high flying wrestlers.

And then…something strange happened. After battling one high flyer, Strowman formed a tag team with Ricochet.

It can be said that the tag team was far more entertaining than anyone expected.

But, fans had not seen Strowman in a month or so, and initially we’d just heard he was dealing with an injury.

Then news emerged that it wasn’t just an injury, but one to his spine (neck, specifically).

And, as a result, we can discuss…

WWE Superstar Recovering From Spine Surgery

According to PWInsider, Strowman had fusion surgery last week to address the neck injury.

And, as of now, it seems that the former champion is already recovering at home.

That is indeed good news, but it is worth tempering that quite a bit.

Neck surgeries are not an exact science, per se. While the doctors know what they are doing, recovery for each person varies.

WWE Superstar Recovering From Spine Surgery
source: @_pwchronicle, twitter, screenshot

This is not the automatic 6-to-9 months window we get from say, an ACL tear.

As such, we don’t really know quite when we might see Strowman back in a WWE ring.

He is out of any current or pending creative plans, and I can’t help but wonder if he could work his way back for a surprise 2024 Rumble entry.