Roman Reigns Celebrates 1000 : SmackDown In A Nutshell

Roman Reigns Celebrates 1000
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It is a big night, as Roman Reigns celebrates 1000 days as champion on this SmackDown in a Nutshell.

The big focus for tonight isn’t even watching as Roman Reigns celebrates 1000 days as champion (1006 as of Friday).

There will be plenty of fallout from what happened last Saturday, as Jimmy and Jey finally stood up to Reigns and cost him his tag title shot.

So, while the Bloodline might finally be no more (maybe?)…there’s still lots of other stuff too.

Like, you know, Money In The Bank qualifying matches.

But yes…whatever happens between Reigns and The Usos will be front and center tonight.

There’s a rumor that we will see a new title belt too, given the big moment.

So, who advances to London? What will Roman Reigns do?

It is time to see, as…

Roman Reigns Celebrates 1000 : SmackDown In A Nutshell

Let’s get this party started and find out!

Best Match of the night:

On a night that actually lacked a lot of matches, I have two in mind.

The opening six man tag was pretty good, nice way to get Pretty Deadly into the mix quickly.

For me, LA Knight and Montez Ford probably wins this. Somewhat surprised to see them in a qualifier, as I would think both men in the actual ladder match would be pretty special.

Roman Reigns Celebrates 1000
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Perhaps they do a last chance qualifier and Ford gets in?

Worst match of the night:

Gallows and Anderson against Hit Row.

While the group as a foursome in NXT had some traction, they fizzled before they got released, and the re-signed trio isn’t clicking.

Have to wonder if this would be a team that would benefit from NXT time…considering I don’t think they were quite ready before.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

No chants, specifically, but the crowd was pretty hot, especially for the main event segment.

Star of the Night

Roman Reigns…Solo Sikoa…Jimmy and Jey.

Roman Reigns Celebrates 1000
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Spot of the Night:

That Samoan Spike that I bet, deep down, a lot of us knew was coming.

When Reigns and Jimmy had that awkwardly long hug, I knew something was going to happen…and then Roman eyed Solo and it was evident.

Roman Reigns Celebrates 1000
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Jobber of the Night:

Ridge Holland? Hit Row?

Upset of the Night:

Well…Jimmy and Jey will certainly be upset with their younger brother…for now.

Roman Reigns Celebrates 1000
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Just when it looked like the brothers would stand united against Roman Reigns…or that Jimmy and Roman would bury the hatchet…

Solo chose Roman.

You just knew this wasn’t going to end the Bloodline quite yet. A family feud heading into London or even Detroit seems quite likely.

Botch of the night:

Yes, I am going to call this a botch.

The “old” WWE belts, of which Roman Reigns was the holder, were hideous. From the day they were introduced, they were among the ugliest WWE ever trotted out.

I believe they were designed by the son from American Chopper…but that didn’t mean jack.

Well…given we now have a new title on RAW, and it looks pretty spiffy…we were hearing that Triple H was going to introduce a new one for Reigns.

Partly for his 1000 days celebration, but I’d bet partly to just have 2 belts, one per show again.

Well…it’s just a spruced up version of the same two belts. Rather than keep the name, but give it a new design…like bring back the winged eagle or something…we had to just put lipstick on a pig.

That belt, in any of its forms, will never be a nice looking belt. This one was 1000 percent a botch.

Noteworthy Moment:

I am sure others noticed this too, but it’s sort of ironic to me that Reigns got to celebrate his 1000 days in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

That part of the world holds a special place in the family.

If I were a betting man, I’d say at some point, once 1000 days was a booking lock, perhaps WWE tried to get a venue near a place of significance? Maybe?

Overall lowlights:

The belt ruined the night for me.

Lacey Evans…she was on a tear in NXT (I thought), but it just has not worked at any point on the main roster.

Hit Row…see above.

Overall highlights:

Strong open, stronger close to this show.

LA Knight gets his ticket punched for London, where I have to think it’s his briefcase to lose.

But that main event…for at least the time being, it appears to be a family feud.

Reigns thinks Jey will come back, but Jimmy is out.

Will Jey stick with the Tribal Chief? Could we see Jey and two others taking on Jimmy, Roman and Solo?

Would Reigns and Heyman bring in other Samoan blood to replace the Usos?

We know WWE has lots more to come from the Bloodline…so stay tuned.

After the final bell:

The best story in WWE since…I am not sure…continues. Strong showing there.

I liked Knight winning, and I sort of overlooked Zelina Vega…love her getting a chance, almost out of nowhere. Reward for an awesome showing at Backlash.

Can’t wait to see who qualifies next.


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