Is Michael Cole The Best
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Every generation of fan has this trap of comparing current talent to historical figures…so let’s do it…is Michael Cole the best since Jim Ross?

This question might seem crazy to even ask, but it’s actually probably not all that crazy, if you really think about it.

As a fan of sports in general, I appreciate just how much impact a really good announcer can have on the fan experience.

I grew up listening to sports more than watching them on television-baseball, hockey and football. In my home area, I was fortunate to have really good announce teams for all of these.

Now, in professional wrestling, fans know good and bad announcers too.

Is Michael Cole The Best
source: @wrestlelamia, twitter, screenshot

Some work, some don’t, and some go down as some of the best.

For those older than me, a name like Gord Solie will live on. I remember when Vince McMahon was an on-air announcer and not much else.

Personally, perhaps my all time favorite remains Joey Styles in ECW…but Jim Ross is right there. Ross and Lawler were the voices of RAW for like, forever.

But, Michael Cole has actually been with WWE for a sneaky long time, and has had a tremendous impact in many facets.

An impact, its worth noting, that has been noticed not just by fans.

Road Dogg, on his latest podcast, has us wondering…

Is Michael Cole The Best Since Jim Ross?

Specifically, the WWE Hall of Famer points out that Cole has been doing it so long that he is, without a doubt, our generation’s Jim Ross.

While anyone can look up highlights from Attitude Era RAW’s and hear Good Ol’ JR shouting something about someone stomping a mudhole in a Superstar…those growing up on WWE now will have that memory of something Michael Cole has said.

Is Michael Cole The Best
source: @justtalkwrestle, twitter, screenshot

Just like we watch history as Roman Reigns holds onto the titles…we are listening to history any time Michael Cole makes the calls.