The Rock makes a surprise appearance
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Despite not being advertised well in advance and rumors of issues with Vin Diesel, The Rock makes a surprise appearance in Fast X.

The Rock Makes A Surprise Appearance In Fast X

When it comes to movies, The Fast and the Furious franchise has been a massive hit. They started with one movie way back in 2001 and the 10th installment is coming out soon. 

The latest version will be called Fast 10 and Vin Diesel remains the star of the franchise. The Rock will also be in the movie again, but his appearance has been kept a secret until now.

The Wrap reports that The Rock is a part of the Fast X movie, despite reports that he was done. He will not have a major role, like in the past, but is apparently featured in the final few minutes.

So, that leads to speculation how he might be in the next movie, which has a target release date of 2025. Although, that is not confirmed.

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Back in 2021, The Rock and Diesel were not on the best of terms.

The two did have a private meeting that some say was rather heated. In the end, both parties decided to go their separate ways.

The Rock Makes A Surprise Appearance

Clearly, something changed. It will be interesting to see if The Rock and Diesel are featured on screen together.

The popularity of the films, saw a spinoff titled, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. In that one, The Rock was featured as a main character.

Source: @ComicBook, Twitter, Screenshot

Supposedly, Fast 11 will be the movie in the franchise. Although, it is always possible another film takes place as they draw big money and the audience cannot seem to get enough.

As for wrestling, The Rock last appeared in October 2019 as part of SmackDown’s 20th Anniversary episode. He cut a promo with Becky Lynch before Baron Corbin interrupted.

There was speculation and hope The Rock would have competed at WrestleMania 39 against Roman Reigns. With his busy Hollywood schedule and the dangers of wrestling, the match did not happen.

Still, The Rock seems hopeful one more match with WWE before concluding that chapter of his life.

So, what are your thoughts that The Rock makes a surprise appearance in Fast X?