Former Champion Is Eager To Return
source: @WONF4W, twitter, screenshot

Perhaps you have not missed him, but one former champion is eager to return to WWE after suffering an injury.

Sure, that is intentionally vague…and once I tell you who…I bet you didn’t even notice he was missing in action.

It wasn’t that long ago that fans were enjoying the unlikely pairing of Braun Strowman and Ricochet.

The team came together in a unique way, with WWE embracing a real life (possibly scripted?) social media tiff where Strowman tossed shade toward The One and Only.

Before we knew it, the two were a tag team…and they were really fun to watch.

But…somewhere along the way, Strowman suffered an injury.

Now we can only assume that the…

Former Champion Is Eager To Return
source: @WONF4W, twitter, screenshot

Former Champion Is Eager To Return

We have not seen the former champ in nearly a month, all while we are watching Ricochet get comfortable once again as a singles competitor.

So comfortable, in fact, that he was the first qualifier for the men’s Money In The Bank ladder match on RAW this week.

Now, according to PWInsider, we understand that the Monster of all Monsters is suffering from an undisclosed injury.

Per the report, there’s a possibility that this injury might require a lengthy time off, as it could require surgery.

This would be the second injury in as many months for Braun. He was briefly sidelined with a concussion in April.

As the current ailment potentially requires surgery, it seems like a safe bet that one is not linked to the other.

Here’s where I chime in a little bit…

Honestly, I have not really noticed the lack of Braun Strowman. I like him, don’t get me wrong…but it got me thinking.

Former Champion Eager To Return
source: @Thewrestlingin1, twitter, screenshot

Does the fact that I barely noticed he was missing mean that WWE doesn’t need him…or that the new creative regime is doing a very good job of keeping many more faces involved.

We can all remember times when WWE leaned way too much on a select few talents, and things could get stale fast. And, heaven forbid someone have an injury.

I am sure the former champion is eager to return, but it’s safe to say the company is in good hands.

As a bonus “dream” return…what would you say if we saw a pseudo-Wyatt Family Reunion?

Wyatt…Strowman…only one possibly available and missing is a certain Redbeard…

In the meantime…we can catch Strowman going faster than ever: