Brutal Double Or Nothing Attendance?
source: @ShiningPolaris, twitter, screenshot

The show is supposed to be a big event for AEW, but what about there brutal Double or Nothing attendance?

Brutal Double Or Nothing Attendance?
source: @ShiningPolaris, twitter, screenshot

This was manifesting itself in a couple different ways, and the fans on social media were all over it.

First, at numerous points during the show, fans were taking to social media to note how disappointed they were in the crowd responses.

Some went so far as to say that, while the show has an obvious Las Vegas theme to it…Sin City does not deserve to host the PPV in 2024.

It could be debated whether the iffy early matches made the crowd flat, or if the crowd was just disinterested.

This one was pretty savage, too…

Then, there was this…

Brutal Double Or Nothing Attendance?

Wrestling promoters always want a hot crowd, and part of that is putting butts in seats.

They want full arenas. Full arenas are loud, and if you sell each and every seat…well…that is just good business.

This, however? Does not look like good business.

According to a photo shared at Insane Media News, major portions of the arena are largely empty.

It makes you wonder how AEW can seemingly, per reports, sell tons of tickets to massive Wembley Stadium in England…

Yet struggles to get a fraction of that in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

A not-full arena will not be all that loud. Not even the most rabid fans can compensate for large sections being barren.

And it was not full, even after they offered tickets in some odd ways…

To the credit of fans, some had some pretty good ideas for an alternate venue that would still allow AEW to stick with the gambling theme.

Primarily, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The beachside gambling center is close enough to two major cities, in Philadelphia and New York.

Both of which do well in supporting professional wrestling events.

So, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, Tony Khan does in response to this brutal Double or Nothing attendance.

To be fair, some later moments helped a bit, with a lot of fans loving the surprise TBS Title change…but it still was not a great night for AEW.

Brutal Double Or Nothing Attendance?
source: @javiersellers1, twitter, screenshot