Big Roman Reigns Plans
source: @ibeastIess, twitter, screenshot

The Tribal Chief has dominated WWE for years, and there might be truly big Roman Reigns plans behind all of that. And based on European reactions, could we get a face turn for Corbin?

Big Roman Reigns Plans

As he closes in on 1,000 days with at least one world title, there could be big Roman Reigns plans driving things.

Once the magical 1,000 day milestone grew realistically close, most fans were expecting Roman Reigns to reach at least that target.

Which, unfortunately, meant that Cody Rhodes could not yet complete his story at this year’s WrestleMania.

While it’s been said that WWE Creative have a pretty good idea of who will finally defeat Roman Reigns, and perhaps an idea of when…it does not seem like it’s soon.

Reigns is expected to reach 1,000 days. That will happen at Night of Champions.

Coincidentally, that is the same event where WWE will crown a new World Heavyweight Champion to sit atop the RAW roster.

It has been suggested that this was done, in part, to let Reigns keep the titles longer.

And per Andrew Zarian of Mat Men, there are big Roman Reigns plans behind this.

Big Roman Reigns Plans
source: @ibeastIess, twitter, screenshot

Specifically, the understanding is that WWE wants to update its record books a bit.

Some took that remark to mean that some of the epic title reigns might be surpassed, but Zarian clarified that.

1,000 days is awesome, for sure. But, the next big records would need to see Reigns hold onto the gold for several hundred more days.

Big Roman Reigns plans indeed.

Hogan’s long run lasted 1,474 days. Should Roman Reigns somehow exceed that (which means Cody can’t complete his story at WrestleMania 40, either), that would be incredible.

And while nothing is impossible…should he eclipse Hogan’s reign, the next longest runs exceed 2,000 days.

I don’t think anyone wants to see Roman Reigns hold onto the belts for another few years.

In the grand scheme of things, we’ve seen WWE “reset” their record books when needed. Some long reigns by out of favor former Superstars were surpassed when warranted.

So, having Roman re-write some history isn’t at all surprising.

Face Turn For Corbin?

While American fans haven’t pushed for it, others have…could we get a face turn for Baron Corbin?

For as long as I can remember watching his matches-going back to NXT and his “lone wolf” persona, Corbin has been a heel.

While he’s a steady worker, it’s hard to argue that he seems to have stalled.

Not that long ago, WWE paired him with Hall of Famer JBL, dubbing Corbin the “modern day wrestling god”, and then…that fizzled.

So, short of going and repeating the “broke Corbin” storyline we’ve already seen…how about a face turn?

And before you think I am crazy for suggesting it…this is not coming from me on my own.

Rather, this is based on some crazy positive reactions that Baron Corbin received during the ongoing WWE European Tour.

Check it out:

The Superstar absolutely noticed it, and took to social media to acknowledge it.

Sure, it’s French fans and a limited sample size, but it is also an organic reaction.

Meaning, as we saw with others like Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan, fans wanted someone to get over.

Fans got behind them in a major way, and ultimately WWE had to act.

Fortunately, those running creative in 2023 are a bit less stubborn than back in those times.

Big Roman Reigns Plans
source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

But, will a small sample size from a show in Paris be a harbinger of a face turn to come?

I have to be honest. The idea of a babyface run for Corbin is not the worst idea in the world.

Have someone getting beat down, with no signs of a save…only to bring Corbin down to deliver the most unlikely of saves.

It could work, and it could be the boost he needs.