Big Push For SmackDown
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

As is often the case after the WWE Draft, we get whispers of plans…including now, a possible big push for SmackDown draftee from NXT.

And, if this rumor turns out to be true…we have to wonder if they will push this guy…to the moon!

So…will there be one, and if so, who?

Big Push For SmackDown Draftee

He might have been drafted last to the blue brand, but word is we can expect a big push for SmackDown draftee Cameron Grimes.

Big Push For SmackDown
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

There have been reports for months now that Grimes was waiting on the call to get busy on the main roster.

Turns out, he was on ice waiting for his name to be called during the WWE Draft, which just concluded on the May 1st edition of RAW.

Cameron Grimes had an entertaining run in NXT, including holding a couple title belts (Million Dollar and North American).

Those who never watched NXT or weren’t previously familiar with Cameron Grimes were introduced to him on the most recent SmackDown.

Big Push For SmackDown
source: @reigns_szn, twitter, screenshot

There, Grimes was talking with Adam Pearce, who was excited to have him on the show.

The celebratory talk was cut short by a less than happy Corbin, and quickly we know who Grimes will battle in his SmackDown debut on the May 12th show.

Now, according to reports, Grimes could soon be living up to his tagline and be pushed…to the moon.

Following the draft’s conclusion, we’ve heard reports that many of Vince’s old storylines were finally petering out.

And, we’ve long been told that while he’s back, Vince McMahon isn’t involved in creative anymore.

So if both of those are true, in addition to Triple H being a big fan of Cameron Grimes…we could be seeing some big things from one of the newest SmackDown talents soon.

How big? That remains to be seen.

Big Push For SmackDown
source: @reigns_szn, twitter, screenshot

Grimes can go in the ring, is really strong on the mic, and has been putting the work in to be in the best shape of his life.