Big NXT Tag Team Reforming Soon?

Simple question here, but could a big NXT tag team be reforming soon?

Big NXT Tag Team
Credit: @carlosmarsmars4, twitter, screenshot

Simple question here, but could a big NXT tag team be reforming soon?

And, if you know NXT tag teams, or former NXT tag teams, you know there are quite a few options here.

We’ve heard that the Authors of Pain might want to come back…but it isn’t them.

Eric Young has re-signed with WWE…but he doesn’t currently have any men from Sanity with him.

So…what big NXT tag team could be reforming soon?

Well, we’ve talked about it before, and WWE hinted at it bigtime during a recent RAW.

Surely by now, you’ve figured it out, right? So…what…

Big NXT Tag Team Reforming Soon?

That tag team is expected to be DIY, featuring Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa.

Big NXT Tag Team
source: @carlosmarsmars4, twitter, screenshot

The pair in NXT was a part of some of the brand’s best tag team matches-we are talking match of the year contenders.

And, if that wasn’t enough, Gargano and Ciampa also engaged in one of the most intense feuds we’ve witnessed on the black and gold brand.

Gargano teased Ciampa’s return in the midst of a family reunion for The Way just a few weeks ago.

Now, according to a reliable social media leaker, DIY is indeed expected to reform soon.


Ciampa, in case you’ve forgotten about him, has been out of action since late 2022.

So, it sounds like Ciampa’s return is imminent. Gargano said as much on RAW just a couple weeks back.

And, if the report is correct, once back, Ciampa and Gargano will not only be reunited…but pushed.

This is anticipated to kick off following Night of Champions, and would keep things busy at least until Money In The Bank.

Big NXT Tag Team
source: @OTTRMobb, twitter, screenshot

Now, there is not a massive gap between those two events, so it remains to be seen if this means DIY would get a title shot that fast.

And, I can’t help but wonder if Triple H isn’t considering splitting the tag belts, so that RAW and SmackDown can have tag team prizes.

Either way, more signs are pointing to a DIY reunion, and I am here for it. Even if it eventually means we see another split.

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