Big Backstage Meeting For AEW
source: @realjackcassidy, twitter, screenshot

Ahead of this past Sunday’s Double Or Nothing, there was a big backstage meeting for AEW.

Now, I know what you might be thinking-backstage meetings happen all the time, so why is this a big deal?

And, you’d be right, they do indeed happen all the time. There’s probably meetings most every week, even before a weekly show like Dynamite.

This one, however, was different, and in a good way.

Big Backstage Meeting For AEW

Why was this one a big one, and a good one?

Big Backstage Meeting For AEW
source: @realjackcassidy, twitter, screenshot

According to Fightful, this meeting for AEW talent ahead of Double Or Nothing was all about PR.

And, in that mindset, it was lead by a newer hire, Adam Hopkins.

Hopkins, of course, was a long-time (25 years) WWE employee who was let go earlier in 2023 in a bit of a surprise move.

And, while the cliche thing to say is that Tony Khan loves signing WWE castoffs…this one was a wise get.

Hopkins, with a wealth of experience dealing with public relations and dealing with the media, was brought in to help the AEW talent.

And that was a big point of the big backstage meeting.

After the meeting, some details were made clear.

Something being stressed to the talent? It’s clear and obvious plenty chat with media, but to make sure you are more careful with what you share.

And if you are talking with them, but it needs to be off the record-make sure you state as much, and that the writer actually knows what that means.

Crazy that you’d need to clarify that, but it seems like perhaps AEW leadership want the talent to be a bit more careful about what is shared and with whom.

Big Backstage Meeting For AEW
source: @AlllEliteZero, twitter, screenshot

That being said, the talent that talked after the meeting were very positive about the experience, and there is a sense that Hopkins is going to help clean things up in the back.