AJ Styles
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AJ Styles is set to battle Seth Rollins at Night of Champions this Saturday to become the new inaugural WWE World Heavyweight Champion. During a recent interview, The Phenomenal One reveals he believes the title is “secondary” to the belts Roman Reigns has.

AJ Styles Notes New WWE World Heavyweight Championship Is “Secondary”

Talking with the New York Post, the WWE superstar was honestly blunt about the new WWE World Heavyweight title. He states that given the situation, it’s difficult for anyone to argue that it is not “secondary” to the Universal Championship.

As the former WWE champ notes, Roman not only holds the RAW Championship but also the SmackDown title. He also states a new championship needed to be created since Reigns “holds them all”.

During the chat with NYP, the WWE star also sprinkled some kayfabe into the interview by saying that “if” Roman goes after the new World Heavyweight title, “it is what it is”. He also goes on to state “we” (whoever holds the title) would make the best of it.

AJ Styles
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He adds that “we” would beat the “brakes off” him and then see which title is “secondary”. Could someone finally knock Roman Reigns off his proverbial throne and beat him, after all these years?

The 2023 Night of Champions takes place this May 27th in Saudi Arabia. After the Rollins versus Styles match, a new WWE World Champion will be born.

AJ Styles
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Roman Reigns won the Universal title at the 2020 Summer Slam event and has dominated the WWE since. That is a modern-day era record reign of 975+ days.

In addition, he has held the Undisputed WWE Universal title since WrestleMania 38. This is when he beat Brock Lesnar, unifying his existing Universal Championship with The Beast’s WWE Championship.